Parparim 1 10/16/17 – 10/20/17

We had a wonderful time on Monday when we marched into the social hall and sung Henei Ma Tov to our grandparents who were visiting our school and enjoying a delicious breakfast. It was nice to see siblings and cousins all coming together to sing for our grand parents and to show our grandparents our class room.

During Jewish Studies we listened to the story of Noah’s Ark and sang songs about him. Did you know that Noah sent a dove out to find dry land and that it rained for forty days while he was on the ark? What a soggy mess! We acted out the story of Noah’s Ark and some of us flew around like the dove looking for land.  On Wednesday we made Noah’s Ark out of pound cake, Hershey’s candy bars and animal crackers. It was the best ark we ever ate.

We read the book Mouse’s First Fall by Lauren Thompson and then our Junior Artists got busy making the mouse Minka from the story out of paper and glue.  We glued colorful leaves all around Minka because in the book she loved to play in the leaves.  We loved choosing what type of pom pom we wanted to use for our mouse’s nose. Some of us chose a sparkly one, while others chose a plain pink pom pom. They look so cute! We are going to hang them up on our bulletin board outside of our class room. The next time you come in to visit our room, take a look at our beautiful mouse picture.

During snack on Monday, we went out to the school’s big Sukkah. We loved playing ” I Spy” and finding pumpkins, pears, grapes and bananas. We took down our lanterns that we made to decorate the Sukkah to show our moms and dads. We are sad that our Sukkah can’t stay up for the rest of the school year, but we know that next year we will make an even better Sukkah.

We sounded out words that started with the letter “E” such as: egg, elephant, Ellen, Ema, eagle, ear, eel, eye and envelope.

Our Junior Artists got creative making our own pumpkin patch with paper pumpkin cut outs and tissue paper. We each took a pumpkin and squirted glue all over it. Then we laid orange squares of tissue paper all over the glue. Then we took green tissue paper and squished them into balls to use for our pumpkin’s stem. We then took green bulletin board paper and bunched them up to resemble pumpkin stems. We stapled them to our wall and then stapled our paper pumpkins to them creating our own indoor pumpkin patch. Our class loves to pretend they are in the pumpkin patch picking out their own pumpkin.


Our Junior Chefs made scrambled eggs in honor of the letter “E”.  We were excited to hear that we were each going to have a chance to crack an egg into the big yellow bowl. Ms. Melissa showed us how to hit the egg on the side of the bowl, and then how to use both of our hands to pull the egg apart. We patiently waited for our turn to crack our egg, and we are going to brag that we didn’t get any egg shells in our egg mixture. Ms, MaryAnne said that we we’re pros at cracking eggs. We made sure to wash our hands after we cracked our egg and then sat down to wait for our eggs to cook. Some of us didn’t want to try the scrambled eggs at first, but boy were we glad we changed our mind. They were delicious and we can’t wait to eat them again.

Our Junior Artists got in the egg mood when they made the letter “E” into an egg. We used glue on our letter “E’ to attach it to a big piece of paper. Then we took white paper, which was cut into the shape of a cracked egg shell, and glued it onto the letter “E”. Our teachers said we all did an egg-cellent job. Aren’t our teachers silly?


We had a dancing good time during Music with Ms. Emily. We used egg shakers to dance with and then used scarves for our silly pizza song dance.

During Science with Ms. Heather we read a book about floating and sinking. Then we did an experiment to see what objects would float or sink. We used plastic forks, rocks, wood, plastic tops and balloons. After our experiment, Ms. Heather passed out pieces of tin foil so we could each make our own boat. Then we got to test our boats in a tub full of water. We were happy to see that we were great boat builders and that our boats didn’t sink. Ms. Heather then passed out pennies to each of us to see how many our boat could hold. Making boats was great fun.

During Show-N-Tell we talked about: An Elsa doll, Babies in a rocking chair, A felt egg and an elephant, A black stuffed cat, A pink chihuahua stuffed dog, An Elmo book and stuffed animal and a plastic alligator and dinosaur.

Our Ema and Abba did a wonderful job this week leading us in our walk and prayers to Shabbat. We even had a surprise visitor during Shabbat. It was Noah who was taking a land vacation  from his Ark. He did a great job in leading us in our prayers and we just loved his long white beard.

A big hug to our Mystery Reader. Our class loved listening to the book about Mitzvahs and learning the different ways we can each do a Mitzvah at home or school.

** Please remember to check your child’s back packs on a daily basis. We have placed a fund raising packet in the back packs that need to be returned in early November as well as lovely art work. Thank you.




Parparim 1 10/2/17 – 10/6/17

In Jewish Studies we sang songs about Sukkot, which we will be celebrating this week. Our favorite song was “Shake your Lulav,” which is to the tune of  “Shake your bootie.” We each took turns passing around a cloth Lulav and Etrog. Next week we will have the chance to touch and smell a real one when we have snack out in the school’s Sukkah.

On Monday we made a giant Sukkah right in our class room. We took brown bulletin board and crumpled it up to look like a vine. We had to really use our strong muscles to crumple up the paper. Then we stapled our vines to the wall. We gathered all of the paper fruit we painted last week, and stapled them onto the vines. Voila! Instant Sukkah right in our class room. We had so much fun sitting underneath it and counting all of the fruit that we used to decorate it with. We counted 16 bananas, 8 apples, 3 pineapples, 19 apples and 3 grapes.  Boy were we busy painters last week. Aren’t we lucky to have such a beautiful Sukkah to enjoy every day? Maybe the next time you come to our class room, you can sit under our Sukkah with us.

Our Junior Artists made the loveliest Sukkah using a cut out paper Sukkah and fruit. We chose what fruit we wanted to hang up in our Sukkah, such as oranges, bananas and apples along with leaves  and then glued them down. Next we placed paper leaves on top of our Sukkah and then glued on shiny stars. We are so excited about our picture and can’t wait for you to hang them up on our refrigerator at home.

During Gardening with Ms. Heather we colored paper stars using crayons. Then we squirted glue all of them and sprinkled wild flower seeds all over them. We are going to bring them home with the idea in mind to plant them in a pot ( the whole star) for our family to enjoy. Our job is to cover the star with soil and to keep it watered.

Our Junior Chefs were hungry so we mixed up a yummy batch of strawberry muffins. We added milk to our muffin mix and took turns stirring them together. Then we spooned the batter into mini cupcake liners. Twenty minutes later we were enjoying our muffins for snack time. We loved them so much that some of us were licking out the cupcake liners when we were finished.


We went out to the giant school Sukkah on Wednesday for Jewish Studies. Then we each hung up our paper lanterns to add beauty to our Sukkah. On Monday we are going to have snack out in the Sukkah. We ca hardly wait.

Parparim 1 9/25/17-9/29/17

In Jewish Studies this week we listened to a story about the meaning of Yom Kippur and how it is important to forgive our friends and family. We learned not to fight with each other, but to hug instead. We also talked about Sukkot, which will be coming up very soon.

Our Junior Artists are getting ready for Sukkot.  We are going to make a Sukkah in our classroom. On Monday we painted paper bananas, oranges, apples, grapes and pineapples to hang up on our Sukkah. We can’t wait to have snack time underneath our class room Sukkah. What fun it will be!

This week we are learning about the letter “D”. We sounded out words that started with the letter “D” such as: dog, duck, dinosaur, drum, daddy, dig and donut.

During Gardening with Ms. Heather we made a graph of what we are going to plant in our garden using paper cut outs.  Then we each took shovels and dug small holes in the dirt. Inside the holes we placed carrots and green beans seeds and covered them up with dirt. We also planted bok choy and broccoli. Our favorite part was when we took watering cans full of water and watered our new garden. We can’t wait to watch our garden grow to see which plant is going to grow the tallest. Our class thinks the carrots are going to win.

Question of the week: ” Who are you going to marry and how old will you be?”

Ellen – My mommy when I’m 5.

Jeremy – My baby Nate when I’m 95.

Lily – My mommy when I’m 5.

Alyssa – My mommy when I’m 8.

Jack – My friend Bo when I’m 10.

Lauren – My mommy and daddy when I’m 5.

Belle – My brother Henry and my parents when I’m 5.

Our Junior Chefs made there cutest doggie snack out of pancakes, blueberries, raspberries, vanilla wafers and graham crackers. First we took our pancakes and placed them on a plate. Then we took two blueberries for the dog’s eyes. We then took two graham crackers for the dog’s ears and two vanilla wafers for his cheeks. We used a raspberry as the dog’s nose. Making our doggie snack was a great way to follow directions and placing the different food items, where they would be on a dog.

We read a book called Dinosaur Dance and then made a dinosaur puppet out of a brown lunch bag and dinosaur cutouts that we colored with markers and crayons. We loved marching around the room and growling like dinosaurs.

Who has the beat? We do! In Music class we took sticks to beat out the rhythm of a song from the movie Moana. Then we beat out the rhythm to the ABC song.

During Science we learned about bridges. Then we worked in teams to make our own bridges out of blocks, strips of paper and go go squeeze lids. Our teachers were so impressed on how well we built our bridges and said that we are going to make great architects some day.

Quack. Quack. Quack. Our Junior Artists made the cutest ducks for our letter “D” with paper and glue. We can’t wait to show them to you.


During Show-N-Tell we talked about: A ballerina cat, A stuffed dog, A brown stuffed puppy, A Wild Predator book, A pink chihuahua stuffed puppy and Daisy Duck.

A big hug to our Mystery Reader this week. We loved the story about Laura Ingalls and her life on the prairie.

We decided to see how it would feel to be a duck and to have a bill. We took Pringles potato chips and placed them in our mouths to look like we had a bill. We laughed at the way our friends looked. They looked so silly! Alyssa said we looked just like Daisy Duck.


Thanks to our Ema and Abba who did a wonderful job this week.

To end our “D” week, we had a donut party with the other Parparim class. We loved talking to all of our friends about Shabbat and what we were going to do on the play ground. We really liked the powdered donut holes and how they turned our lips all white.  We also made donuts out of paper plates, glue and pieces of foam that reminded us of sprinkles. Don’t we make the cutest donuts you’ve ever seen?




Parparim 1 9/18/17 – 9/22/17

Last Friday during Show-N-Tell we talked about: Stuffed bunny rabbit, A green ball, A Dora the Explorer backpack, Three baby dolls, Trucks, A mountain dog, Pictures of me and my baby brother.

A big hug to our Mystery Reader. We loved the books about monsters.


Our Emas and Abba did a fantastic job this week getting us ready for our Friday Shabbat. It was so nice to sing and eat challah with our family members.

Our Junior Artists are getting ready for Rosh Hashanah. We made beautiful apple trees and Rosh Hashanah cards for our parents. We can’t wait for you to see them.


In Jewish Studies on Monday, we sang songs about apples and honey to get us in the spirit of Rosh Hashanah. We also talked about Tashlich in which we say we are sorry for not being kind to our friends. We took a  walk out to the pond and threw challah in it, so we can start the New Year clean.

We are learning about the letter “C” this week and next. We sounded out words that start with the letter “C’ such as: car, clown, cookie, cat, circus, carrot, cup, and cloud.

We read a book about the circus and then took silly pictures using circus photo   props. Don’t we look cute? We also got to dress like a clown wearing the biggest shoes we have ever seen, a red nose and a tall hat.  aren’t we adorable?


We used sticks to keep the beat during Music with Ms. Emily. We then took scarves and danced around like fish. Dancing is so much fun and we love dancing our sillies out. Ms. Emily gave us a web site to order our very own sticks. We would love to have one maybe as a Haukkah present. Here is the web site

Our P.T.A. provided our class with apples and honey to help celebrate Rosh Hashanah. We loved the gooey honey on our apples. They were delicious. We plan on eating lots of apples and honey during Rosh Hashanah.




In Gardening with Ms. Heather we talked about pollution and what goes down our storm drains into our rivers and lakes. We each took turns pouring an example of pollution into a clear bin of water. Some of the things we put into the clean water were soap from when we wash our cars, trash and maple syrup that represented motor oil. We were amazed how quickly our clean water turned into dirty water. Yuck! Ms. Heather also explained how rain occurs when the sun evaporates water from a lake and a cloud gets full of water. The cloud gets so full that it bursts in the form of rain. We then took water droppers and a cup of water and made our own rain clouds. We used an empty mason jar covered with a paper towel. We slowly added drops of water to the paper towel. Once the paper towel got full, it started dripping into the empty jar. It was so neat to see how water dripped out of our paper towel cloud.

Our Junior Chefs were busy making adorable clowns out of pancakes, raspberries, blueberries and whipped cream. We took a pancake and used the fruit to make a clown face. Then we squirted out whipped cream for the clown’s hair and then used sprinkles to make the hair even sillier. The best part was licking the whipped cream off of the plate and eating the clown’s nose. We never knew a clown could taste so yummy.

We made a lot of noise in our room on Wednesday when we made shofars and marched around the room playing them. We can’t wait to play a song for our moms and dads. They are going to love it!



Parparim 1 9/4/17-9/8/17

This week we are learning about the letter “B”. We sounded out words that start with the “B’ sound such as ; bear, brown, bee, bug, body, balloon, bubble, Belle and birthday.

During Gardening with Ms. Heather we colored pictures of vegetables that we are going to be planting in our school garden such as tomatoes, onions, broccoli, green beans and carrots. To help our garden get started, we made a compost out of egg shells, coffee and bananas. We are so excited to see how our garden will grow.


In Jewish Studies we listened to a story about the birthday of the world and being the best that we can be. We also pretended to play shofars during our favorite song about playing the shofar fast. Rosh Hashanah is right around the corner and we are so excited.

Question of the week: ” If you could be any Disney character, who would you be and why?”

Alyssa – Mickey Mouse becasuse I love his red pants.

Belle – Ariel because she swims in the ocean.

Jeremy – Goofy because he is a character and I like him.

Ellen – Princess Anna because she is a good singer.

Lauren – Cinderella because she gets to dance with a prince.

Jack – Tigger because he walks up on his feet.

Lily – Minnie Mouse because I love her polka dot dress.

We love being in our Parparim class and playing with our toys. Here are a few of our favorite things; puzzles, magnets and our library.


Our Junior Artists were busy making bees using a paper letter “B”. We used our listening skills and fine motor skills gluing down pieces of paper on top of our letter “B”.  We added wings and googly eyes to make our bees complete.

Rain, rain go away. We want to go outside to play. On Wednesday we played with balls and cones in a hallway to get our wiggles out because our playground was wet from the rain. We pretended the  cones were ice cream cones by placing a ball on top of them and ran around playing soccer. We ran around so much, that we all collapsed at the end. Nap time!

Our Junior Bakers mixed up a batch of yummy blueberry muffins to celebrate the letter “B”.  We took a big yellow bowl and poured in the muffin mix. Then we added milk and stirred. We lined a mini muffin pan with paper liners and spooned in our batter. We loved smelling them when we took them out of the oven and we loved it even more when we ate them. Boy were they delicious! 

We danced and sang during Ms. Emily’s music class on Thursday. We loved using sticks to follow a beat and got excited when Ms. Emily took out the brand new bells for us to use. We also stomped around the room like dinosaurs  and used scarfs to sway to the sound of the music. La, la, la. We love music.

In Science with Ms. Heather, we listened to a story about birds and the nests they make. Then we looked at a bird’s nest that Ms. Heather found in her back yard. We were so surprised to see a white egg hiding in the nest. Did you know that an egg is oval? Ms. Heather passed out plastic bowls and we walked around our garden looking for things to make our own nest with. We found grass, sticks and leaves to use for our nests. Ms. Heather passed out plastic eggs to put in our nest to make them more realistic. Being a mommy bird is hard work in getting ready to make a nest for their eggs.


Ms. Melissa and I wish all of our families safe travels if you are heading out of Jacksonville and if your braving the storm, may you be out of harms way. We can’t wait to see everyone next week to catch up on our hugs.

Parparim 1 8/28/17 – 9/1/17

Our letter of the week is “A”.  We took turns sounding out words that start with the letter “A” such as: ant, apple, alligator and Alyssa.

In Jewish Studies we used our Siddur to sing our daily prayers. We also talked about Rosh Hashanah, which is the birthday of the world coming up on September 20, 2017. Morah Robin had a magic basket containing symbols of Rosh Hashanah. Some of us were lucky to chose something out of the basket which contained a pomegranate, an apple, honey and a shofar. Did you know that a shofar comes from a ram? We can’t wait to listen to Morah Robin play the shofar when we get closer to Rosh Hashanah.

Our Junior Artists were busy gluing black beans to our letter “A” to represent ants climbing an ant hill. It was so much fun placing our beans on the sticky glue. We hung them on our outside bulletin board. Come and take a look at them the next time you come to visit our class room.


Our Junior Chefs were busy on Tuesday making warm cinnamon apples. First we took several types of apples and talked about their shapes and colors. Then we used an apple slicer to cut the apples into pieces. We then took turns smelling and touching the different apple cores. After that we cut the apples into smaller pieces. We melted butter into an electric skillet and once it was melted, we added the cut up apples. We then sprinkled cinnamon and sugar onto of the apples and stirred them around. We covered the skillet and sat back down to look at the seeds from the apples. Fifteen minutes later, our room smelled so delicious and we couldn’t wait to taste the apples. Needless to say they were so yummy with the gooey cinnamon and sugar covering them. Cooking is so much fun. I wonder what we will make next week?

During Gardening with Ms. Brook, we cleaned out our classroom garden bed. It was full of weeds, dirt, bugs and last spring’s vegetables. We took shovels and rakes to clear the bed out in preparation of our new garden , which we will be planting in soon. We all got excited when a group of small frogs started jumping out of our garden. We tried to get a better look at them, but they were fast jumpers.

In Music with Ms. Emily, we had so much fun laughing and singing to the shaking song. We used percussion eggs to keep beat to the music and we sounded like musicians tapping our sticks on the floor.

During Science with Ms. Heather, we talked about the Scientific Method, which includes a question, a hypothesis, an experiment, an observation, a conclusion and a report on the results. She started off by asking us how we blow up a balloon. Some of us answered our mouths and some even said a pump. She then said that by adding baking soda to her bottle of vinegar, that the balloon would fill up with gas. We then watched in amazement as the balloon filled up right before our eyes. Ms. Heather then asked us again how to blow up a balloon, and we answered baking soda and vinegar. Yay! To conclude our experiment she had us draw a balloon that was blown up with baking soda to add to our science journal. We learned so much today in science today.


  • Sorry for getting the blog out late. I was sick on Friday.

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Parparim 1 8/21/17 – 8/25/17

Ms. Melissa and I would like to welcome everyone to our class room. We are so excited to get to know you and your wonderful children. We have had a busy week full of cooking, reading, science, gardening, P.E., music and  singing. Each Friday we will be sending out the blog, to let you know what our class has been doing for the week. On Fridays we will have Show-N-Tell and Shabbat. Occasionally we will have a Mystery Reader come in to read a story to us. Please remember Sadakah on Fridays ( coins or a canned good) and feel free to join us at 10:00 a.m. as we go into the Chapel to sing and to give thanks to Hashem.

In Jewish Studies this week, we colored in our Siddur ( prayer book) and sang songs about Hashem.

We had a lot of fun exploring on the big playground. We swang on the swings, went down the curvy slide and took turns riding on the bikes. It was nice to see old friends from last year and play imaginary games like super heroes with them.

In P.E. with Ms. Trudy, we played on a giant mat and learned alphabet yoga. After that we crawled through giraffe tunnels,  bowled and played in a ball pit. P.E. is so much fun!

During Gardening with Ms. Heather, we went on a scavenger hunt in our garden. We found carrots, red peppers and even a worm. Yuck! We collected leaves to make a leaf rubbing with, which you can see on the bulletin board in the lunch room hallway. They look so beautiful. Next Tuesday we will be cleaning out the garden beds, so please dress in clothes that will be okay if a little dirt gets on them.

We were Junior Chefs on Wednesday and made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. We added butter and eggs to our cookie mix, and then stirred and stirred. The hardest part was waiting for them to come out of the oven. It was worth the wait because they were the best cookies we ever made.

We listened to the story by Donald Crews called School Bus. Then we put on smocks and painted a giant school bus with glittery yellow paint. We are going to hang it up in our room, so the next time you come in, take a moment to see our masterpiece.

In Music with Ms. Emily, we sat in a circle and used sticks to tap out the beat of a song. We also used egg shakers that we shook up and down during a counting song. Jumping up and down and clapping our hands were also part of our interactive music class. We were sad when the class ended. We can’t wait till next Thursday, when we get to do it all over again.

Ms. Heather showed us how to use tweezers and a magnifying glass during Science. She created a pretend spider web out of a box and fishing line. She placed plastic insects in the bottom of the box and showed us how to use the tweezers to pick them us. She also gave us a piece of paper with tiny pictures on them to look at with the magnifying glasses.

Question of the week: What has been your favorite thing about the first day of school?

Ellen – I liked the school bus story.

Jack – I liked playing on the play ground.

Alyssa – I liked playing with the  tree house.

Lauren – I liked coloring with the crayons and markers.

Jeremy – I liked playing with the farm.

Belle – I loved the big play ground.

Lily – I liked doing the puzzles.

We had the best time making friendship necklaces out of string and fruit Cheerios. We all did a great job using our fine motor skills and our tasting skills. We loved eating the Cheerios as much as stringing them.

Getting ready for Shabbat. Every Friday we will be choosing an Ema and Abba to lead our prayers during Shabbat. They will also be bringing home a Shabbat box or Shabbat Bag full of goodies and books.

Parparim 1 5/30/16 – 6/3/16

I can’t believe this is my last blog for the year, which has gone way too quickly. This whole week I have been saying to myself this is the last time we will have P.E. or this is the last time for Jewish Studies. It is so sad that our school year has come to an end. It is time for our beautiful  Parparim students to fly away into the V.P.K. class. Ms. Janet and I have enjoyed having everyone in our class and getting to know all of your wonderful children. They are such a delight and so smart! They are definitely ready to move up to V.P.K. The only concession on not being their teachers after this week, is that we will be able to see them when school starts in the fall walking in the halls. We will miss their smiling faces and loving hugs. Have a great summer……

Question of the week: What was your favorite thing about being in our class and what will you learn when you go into V.P.K.?

Samara – Playing with the jaguar/ To be Captain America

Elena – Playing dress up/ How to clean up

Joshua – Turning on the lights/ How to clean up

Milly – Playing with the fire truck/ How to read

Hannah – Playing the matzoh ball game/ Learning about animals

Elliott – Playing with Legos/ How to read

Zachary – Coloring/ How to do a hand stand

Nikki – Reading books/ How to jump on one leg

D.J. – Cooking/ How to count

On Tuesday Ms. Victoria from Mark Spivaks came again to teach us more ballet. We had fun tip toeing like airplanes and balancing on one foot. We do such a great job at ballet.

IMG_5057 IMG_5078 IMG_5076 IMG_5079

IMG_5071 IMG_5058 IMG_5059 IMG_5070 IMG_5060 IMG_5066 IMG_5064 IMG_5063 IMG_5062 IMG_5065

We had so much fun at our end of the year party. We ate delicious ice cream sundaes with strawberries, blueberries, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and sprinkles. Then we played hop scotch, put on washable tattoos, colored with chalk and took turns signing our names on beach balls. We also flew paper airplanes and chased each other. Thank you to all of our parents for making our party such a success. Ms. Janet and I would also like to thank everyone for our beautiful keepsake plate and book and for the Visa gift card, which will come in handy over the summer.

IMG_5081 IMG_5082 IMG_5089 IMG_5117 IMG_5118 IMG_5088

IMG_5092 IMG_5094 IMG_5105 IMG_5096 IMG_5098 IMG_5125

IMG_5109 IMG_5083 IMG_5119 IMG_5086 IMG_5103 IMG_5120

IMG_5121 IMG_5123 IMG_5124 IMG_5102 IMG_5093 IMG_5100

IMG_5111 IMG_5112 IMG_5113 IMG_5101

IMG_5104 IMG_5128 IMG_5127 IMG_5106 IMG_5116 IMG_5122 IMG_5126 IMG_5099 IMG_5129

During Show-N-Tell we talked about: A kitty cat, A Dory fish, A puppy and a kitty, Two rainbow kitties, Spider Man, A hockey sticker book, A Barbie cell phone, and a baby cheetah.



Parparim 1 5/23/16 – 5/27/16

In Jewish Studies we talked about Lag B’ Omer Day and how Rabbi Akiva told the Jewish people to pray secretly in caves so the soldiers would not know about it. Some Jewish people would have a picnic to fool the soldiers, while Rabbi Akiva taught the Torah up in the caves. The Jewish people were too smart for the soldiers. Good team work!


We decorated visors with dinosaur and princess stickers. We are going to wear them on our Lag B’ Omer celebration on Wednesday during Jewish studies.

IMG_4923 IMG_4927 IMG_4924 IMG_4928 IMG_4926 IMG_4925 IMG_4929

IMG_4931 IMG_4932

Up, up and away. We have started our unit on space and rockets. We looked at pictures of all the planets and learned that our planet Earth is blue because of all the oceans and that the planet Saturn has rings surrounding it. We loved listening to the sounds of a rocket taking off to the moon. Boy was it loud!

We were all up on our toes on Tuesday with Ms. Victoria from Mark Spivaks Ballet. We learned how to point our toes and to do a plie ( to bend our knees while keeping our heels together. ) We walked around on our tippy toes and marched like soldiers. Thank you Ms. Victoria for introducing us the the beautiful dance of ballet.

IMG_4933 IMG_4941 IMG_4947 IMG_4962 IMG_4948 IMG_4964 IMG_4958 IMG_4938

IMG_4956 IMG_4966 IMG_4963 IMG_4965

Our Junior Chefs mixed up a yummy batch of blueberry muffins which we quickly devoured when they came out of the oven. Zachary loved pulling his muffin apart and seeing all the blueberries inside of it. Joshua said that the oven made the blueberries get all mushy inside his muffin. Yum. Yum.


IMG_4967 IMG_4970 IMG_4971 IMG_4974 IMG_4975 IMG_4973 IMG_4977 IMG_4991 IMG_4980 IMG_4978 IMG_4982 IMG_4983 IMG_4988 IMG_4986

Question of the week: If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why?

Samara – Captain America because he has a shield.

Nikki – Super Girl because she is beautiful.

D.J. – Shark Superhero because he gets to eat the bad guys.

Milly – Superman because I want to help save people.

Elliott – Batman because he gets to wear a cool costume.

Hannah – Superman because he can fly.

Zachary – Spiderman because he gets to shoot webs.

Joshua – Green Lantern because green is my favorite color.

Elena – Spiderman because he gets to make webs.

We had a blast during our Lag B’ Omer celebration. We wore our fun visors and took turns doing relay races. After we ran around, we all cooled down eating popsicles while we rested our bones at the picnic tables.

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We did a cool Science experiment using diet coke and Mentos mints. We all went outside and sat in a big circle to watch a bubbly geyser appear before our eyes. Ms. Janet opened a bottle of diet coke and dropped in four Mentos. Suddenly coke started erupting out of the bottle spilling everywhere. Ms. Janet then took six Mentos out and dropped them into a different bottle of coke. This created an even bigger eruption. She then got brave and dropped in eight Mentos into a new bottle. We all screamed in delight as we watched the biggest eruption so far. D.J. said it was the coolest experiment ever!

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During Show-N-Tell we talked about: A baby raccoon, A colorful owl, A baby cheetah, Brain Teaser questions, A tiny black cat and a princess backpack.

Samara and Elliott did a wonderful job as our last Ema and Abba of the school year.