A Note to Our Parparim Parents

Dear Parparim Parents,
I am happy to announce that our Parparim Team is complete!
Mornings 8:30-12:30:
Parparim I:  Janet Kriss & Esther Ohayon
Parparim II: Marjie Rogozinsky
Afternoons 12:30-3:30:
Esther Ohayon, Emma Boette and Amy McClure
Emma has worked for our preschool and camp for the last three years.  She left for one semester to complete her teaching internship.  She earned her education degree at UNF and has returned to us.  She will be planning the curriculum for the after lunch portion of the Full Day Parparim program.  These kids will enjoy extra enrichment and academic activities daily.
Amy brings to our school a love for learning and teaching.  She graduated with an education degree from UNF and has taught in Duval County schools.  She has been part of our faculty since November.  She will collaborate with Esther and Emma to make sure the full day program is truly special.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Shereen Canady