Parparim 1 1/15/18 – 1/19/18

In Jewish Studies we continued talking about Tu B’ Shevat, which begins at sundown on January 30, 2018. We love singing songs about the birthday of the trees. We have been naming things that come from trees such as; oranges, cherries, lemons, wood, paper, apples and pears.

We are learning about the letter “O” this week. We sounded out words with the “O” sound such as; owl, otter, orange, oval, octopus, October, one, olive, ostrich, oil and over.

During Gardening with Ms. Heather we continued talking about the sense of touch. She picked things out of our garden so that we could feel the different textures that we have growing on our plants and vegetables. First we touched butter crunch lettuce that was very soft. Then we touched dried out green bean shells that were smooth. The last thing we touched was broccoli. When Ms. Heather asked how it felt we all answered rough. Aren’t we smart scientists for knowing the right answer? Before we left class, we each glued on different textures onto a paper hand to help us remember the different types of textures our hands touch every day.

Our Junior Chefs made orange cupcakes on Wednesday. Here is how we did it. We added eggs, water and oil to the cake mix. Then we added our secret ingredient ( orange juice). We took turns stirring the batter until it was smooth. We poured our batter into cupcake liners and did the hardest thing. WAITING! Our whole school smelled like oranges and everyone was curious what we were baking. At snack time we spread cream cheese all over our cupcakes and then we dug in. Boy were they delicious!



Our Junior Artists made the cutest winter hats out of paper with  water colors and pom poms. We have been talking about winter and how people have to dress warmer. Some people wear hats or mittens while others wear coats and ear muffs. We also read a book about hibernation. Did you know that a woodchuck hibernates for four months? I bet he’s hungry when he wakes up!


We talked about the sense of hearing with Ms. Heather on Thursday during Science. She used a jump rope to show us how sound waves travel up and down. Then she talked about pitch by tapping on different glasses filled with different amounts of water. Surprisingly each glass made a different sound. We played the phone game by listening and talking with a friend using string and two paper cups. After that we played music by strumming on rubber bands that were wrapped around different boxes. We sounded so good, that we might start up our own band.

During Music with Ms. Emily, we tapped out the beat using sticks and singing the song about cats and mice. Then we jumped all around using shaky eggs. It was a good way to get our wiggles out.

Whoo loves owls? We do. We made letter “O” owls using paper and glue. We laughed at the big eyes our owls have. Did you know that the great gray owl is the largest of the owl species and the smallest owl is called the little owl?


During Show-N-Tell we talked about: A plastic owl, An owl blanket and stuffed owl toy, A cupcake doll, A glittery pointer, A stuffed jaguar, A baby doll, A stuffed snow owl, Hello Kitty stuffed anima and Star War cards.

Our Ema and Abba did a fantastic job this week getting us ready for Shabbat.


A big hug to our Mystery Reader. We loved the Peppa plays soccer story.


Dear Parents next week we will be having Snow Day on Wed January 24th and Thursday January 25th. Please send your child to School in their P.J.’s for extra comfort and fun. We are also asking each parent to send in a bag of cotton balls to use in our Snow room. We can’t wait for you to see all the wonderful photos! it will be Snow Cute!!!!

Parparim 1 1/8/18 – 1/12/18

Welcome back. We missed everyone so much. We are excited to welcome two new friends to our class. Everyone has been so helpful and friendly to our new friends in showing them our classroom toys and books.

In Jewish Studies we are talking about T Bu’Shevat, which is the birthday of the trees. We sang songs about an apple and almond tree.

We are learning about the letter “N”. We took turns sounding out the “N” sound and came up with the following “N” words: Nate, nest, nice, neck, nose, nap, Nemo, net and nut.

Do you want to build a snowman? We do! Our class made the cutest snowmen out of paper and paint. Here’s how we did it. First we glued on white paper for our snowman. Then we glued on an orange piece of paper for his nose. We drew on a polka dot mouth and then took white paint to make snow falling from the sky.

“N” is for noodles. On Wednesday we talked and looked at rigatoni, lasagne, cavatappi, giant shells, and bow ties noodles by comparing their sizes, shapes and texture. The best part was eating the yummy buttery cavatappi noodles. We loved them!


Rain. Rain .Go away. On the playground, we want to play. We had the best time playing soccer, eating pretend ice cream, running and catching balls in one of our school hallways.



Our Junior Artists made beautiful night time pictures using paper, glue and shiny stars for the letter “N”. We displayed them on our outside bulletin board. Come and take a look at our masterpieces.

During Science with Ms. Heather we talked about the sense of touch. She passed around trays with different objects that were smooth, bumpy, soft and rough. Then Ms. Heather brought out Henry the hungry monster who swallowed up objects in her house. She asked us to reach into his mouth and reach around for an object. When we found something, we had to describe how it felt and then try to guess what the object was. Ms. Heather said we were too smart because we guessed all of the objects.

During Show-N-Tell we talked about: A picture of little brother Nate, A necklace and an ice nest, Plastic wrestlers Papa Shango and the Ultimate Warrior, A huge crane, A guitar, Plastic Stuart Minion, A noisy truck book and magnetic tiles.

Our Ema and Abba did a fantastic job at Shabbat leading our class in songs and prayers.

A big hug to our Mystery Reader. We loved the Daniel the Tiger stories.

Parparim 1 12/18/17 – 12/22/17

In Jewish Studies we sang our favorite songs like the rainbow song and then we listened to the story called, ” A big quiet house.” We laughed during the story when we had to make animal noises representing the animals that lived in the house.

We are learning about the letter “M”. We sounded out words that have the “M” sound such as:  Ms. Melissa, Ms. MaryAnne, monkey, moon, mouse, map, milk, mop, moth, mail and mitten. As you can see, we thought of a lot of words that start with “M”. Aren’t we magnificent?

During Gardening with Ms. Heather we talked about sweet potatoes and how they are root vegetables.  Then we took sweet potatoes and placed them in a cup of water. Ms. Heather passed out googly eyes and paper mouths so we could turn our sweet potatoes into potato head people. We each filled a plastic container with water to place our potatoes in. We placed them by our class room window to watch how they will sprout roots. We can’t wait to see whose potato grows sprouts first. The race is on!

Question of the week: ” What do you want to do during winter break?”

Jeremy – I want to go to the beach and get cooled off in the water.

Alyssa – I want to play Legos with momma.

Lily – I want to go to the playground and swing with mommy.

Belle – I want to go to the beach with mommy and Henry and bury myself in the sand. I will put a towel over my eyes so sand won’t get in them.

Jack – I want to play with my toys and Lexi.

Lauren – I want to go on a giant swing at the park with mommy and daddy.

Ellen – i want to play the Sponge Bob game with mommy and Milly.

Do you know the muffin man? We do! Our Junior Chefs made yummy chocolate chip muffins on Wednesday. First Ms. Melissa went over the ingredients we needed for our muffins and the directions on how to make our muffins. We took out the big yellow bowl and poured in our chocolate chip mix. Then we added butter and eggs. We put our muscles to good use when we took turns stirring the batter. After it was all mixed up, we put the batter into muffin cups and baked them for fifteen minutes. During snack we devoured our muffins. Boy were they good!

Our Junior Artists made the squeakiest little mice on Wednesday out of paper and pom poms. We glued a big letter “M” on a piece of paper. Then we glued down ears, whiskers, eyes and we can’t forget the pom pom nose. They look so cute.  We have them hanging on our outside bulletin board. Come and see them before they scurry away.


In Science with Ms. Heather we talked about the four forces of flight; thrust, lift, drag and gravity. Then we took straws, paper clips and prices of paper to make hoop gliders.  Here is how we made them. We chose a small piece of paper and a large piece of paper and made each of them into a circle and attached them with a paper clip. Then we took a straw and attached it to the paper circles. Next came the flying of our gliders. We took turns throwing them down the hallway. We could not believe how far they went.

We are getting ready for winter. We have been coloring snowmen and snow flakes in our class room. We put on a black top hat just like a snowman would wear. Don’t we look adorable?


During Show-N-Tell we talked about: Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins wrestling figures, Timon and Pumbaa from the Lion King, Marshall from Paw Patrols, Rainbow Dash and Minnie Mouse, Roller skates and a baby doll.

Our Ema and Abba did the best job leading us in our prayers and songs for our Friday Shabbat.

A big hug to our Mystery Reader. We loved the books about Peppa Pig

It’s hard to believe the School year is almost half over!  We have enjoyed teaching your children and watching them grow! We are excited to start the New Year and have so many fun things planned.

Wishing you and your’s a very Happy and Safe New Year!


Parparim 1 12/11/17 – 12/15/17

In Jewish Studies we have mastered our songs and dances for our Hanukkah program. We are so excited to show you how hard we have been working and can’t wait to spin like a dreidel for you.


On Monday our Junior Chefs created a menorah out of fruit. We used cut up bananas, tangerines, blueberries and pretzel rods. First we had to count out ten banana slices for our menorah. Then we counted out fifty four blueberries, wow, for the branches of our menorah. After that we used pieces of a tangerine for the flames on top of our menorah. Our favorite part of the menorah was eating it. It was so yummy!

This week we are learning about the letter “L”. We sounded out words that have the “L” sound such as: Lily, laugh, leaf, like, love, leap, lemon, lick, lion, lamb and lollipop.

Question of the week; ” What do you hope your mom and dad will get for  Hanukkah?”

Jeremy – I hope my mom gets a new pink dress and my dad gets a new black jacket for work.

Lauren – I hope my mom gets a bowling set and my dad gets a magical plate with cherries on it that floats.

Alyssa – I hope my mom gets a jump rope and my dad gets a Cookie Monster book.

Ellen – I hope my mom gets pink flowers and my dad gets pink lip stick.

Lily – I hope my mom gets a new cup for Ella and my dad gets a magical wand that gives wishes.

Jack – I hope my mom gets a new glass to drink water in and my dad gets a big red truck.

Our Junior Artists made beautiful stained glass menorahs out of tissue paper and glue. We can’t tell you too much about it, because we are planning on giving them to our moms and dads for Hanukkah.

We did Hanukkah Science with Ms. Heather on Tuesday, We talked about liquids and solids. We named liquids such as water, milk, orange juice and apple juice. Then we talked about how some liquids can change to a solid such as ice and how some solids can change to a liquid like a candle. Ms. Heather passed out frozen ice cubes that were blue ( for the candle) and yellow ( for the flame). She had us make a menorah out of the ice, in which we placed the yellow ice cubes on top of the blue ice cubes. Then we changed our solid ice cubes into a liquid by squirting water on top of the cubes. It was fun watching the ice cubes getting smaller and smaller. Soon our ice cubes were a puddle of water at our feet.


We had the best time at our Hanukkah party on Wednesday. We loved making Hanukkah cards, decorating our Hanukkah cookie house, making dreidels out of Hershey kisses and eating donuts. A big hug to our moms and dads for coming in to help us with our party. It was such a huge success!


In Science with Ms. Heather we talked about friction and how it slows objects down. She then set up a ramp and asked us if the toy car would go fast or slow. Most of us answered fast. She placed the car on the ramp, and it zoomed down towards the bottom of the ramp. Then Ms. Heather placed a towel on the ramp and asked us if the car would go fast or slow. We answered fast again. When she placed the car on the towel, it did not roll very fast down the ramp. Friction was the reason that the car did not go very fast. Then we took dreidels and tried spinning them on a table with a towel on it and then again without the towel. We had better luck with our dreidels on the table without the towel because there was no friction.


“L” is for lady bug and  we made the cutest ones using paper and glue. We hope they don’t fly away before we bring them home.

During Show-N-Tell, we talked about: Timon and Pumbaa stuffed animals from The Lion King, Simba stuffed animal from The Lion King, Wrestling figurines The Rock and Dean Ambrose, Hanukkah glasses, A lantern, and the book Llama Llama Wakey Wake and a lock.

A big hug to our Mystery Reader. Our class loved the book, Old Black Witch and the silly spells the witch would sing.

Our Ema and Abba did a wonderful job leading our class in prayers during Shabbat.

Parparim 1 12/4/17 – 12/8/17

In Jewish Studies we are practicing our dreidel songs, which we will be performing next week. All family members are invited. Come sing and dance with us as we get ready to celebrate Hanukkah.


We sounded out words that start with the letter “K” such as: kiss, kite, kitten, kippah, kosher, keys, kangaroo, kick, kids and king.

Our Junior Artists made the jumpiest kangaroos out of paper and glue. After we finished them, we jumped around the room just like kangaroos do.

Question of the week; What are you hoping to get for Hanukkah?

Jack – A remote control air plane.

Lauren – A toy monkey with a playground.

Lily – A hatchable animal.

Ellen – A baby doll that walks.

Belle – A big playground with a clock on it for my back yard.

Alyssa – Swim animals for the bath tub.

Jeremy – Red and white paper to cut and color on.

“Oh Hannukah, Oh Hannukah, lets light the Menorah. ” We made colorful menorahs out of paper plates, ribbon, glue and popsicle sticks. First we painted paper plates with blue paint. Then we painted popsicle sticks with red, orange, green, pink , blue and purple paint. After everything dried, we glued our popsicle sticks onto our paper plates. Then we holed punched each side and added a ribbon. We can’t wait for our moms and dads to see them. They are so beautiful.

Our Junior Chefs made fruit kebabs for snack on Wednesday. Here’s how we did it. We took blueberries, bananas, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries and put them onto wooden skewers. Some of us made a pattern, while others of us chose our favorite fruit. We had the best time eating our kebabs. They were delicious. Jeremy said that next time he wants to make chicken kebabs because they are his favorite!

Our class became architects when our teachers placed different sized blocks down on the carpet and asked us to build a menorah. We talked about what blocks to use and then with team work, we built our menorah. Didn’t we do a great job?

During Gardening with Ms. Heather, we made bread sticks. We took thyme, dill and oregano from our garden that Ms. Heather dried out and pulled off the leaves. Then we took scissors and cut the leaves into tiny pieces. Then we took a huge bowl and mixed flour, water, salt and yeast together.  Then we added our spices. After our batter was mixed, Ms. Heather kneaded the dough and had us count to forty. Then she gave us a piece of dough and had us roll it into a snake. Then we placed them on a cookie sheet and baked them for twenty minutes. At lunch, we tasted our hard work. It was delicious!

I’m sending the blog out early today because I am heading out to the Florida Keys for my niece’s wedding. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Parparim 1 11/28/17 – 12/1/17

In Jewish Studies we started talking about Hannukah and learning songs for our upcoming Hannukah program in which we will singing in. We sent home song sheets earlier this week. If you have a chance, can you please practice with your child? We appreciate all of your help in making

Our Letter of the week is “J”. We sounded out words that start with the “J” sound such as: Jeremy, Jack, jump, jet, jack hammer, jeans, Jewish, joy, jungle and jacket.

During Science with Ms. Heather, we looked at images of the rovers that gathered information on the planet Mars. Scientists were hoping to find water, but instead found groves in the soil, which might have come from a river bed long ago. We then made our own rovers out of toilet paper holders, pipe cleaners, beads, straws, juice lids, rubber bands and Play Doh. We loved using our creativity to build our rover. Amazingly, they all turned out differently.


Our Junior Chefs had a jamming good time using our fine motor skills to make jam sandwiches. We took bread and cut out the letter “J” using cookie cutters. Then we took strawberry jam and spread it all over our bread. All of our friends loved their “J” sandwiches and using cookie cutters.

We said good bye to fall on Wednesday with a leaf fight on the playground. We took dried leaves and sprinkled them on the grass. Then we picked up a handful of leaves and threw them gently at our friends. We also took cute pictures with the leaves.

Our Junior Artists made the cutest jelly fish out of paper, glue and curling ribbon. We talked about how jelly fish can sting you, so you should never step on one.

Question of the week: What do you like to put on latkes when you eat them?

Alyssa – I like whipped cream, chocolate and marshmallows.

Belle – I like chocolate and M & M’s.

Jeremy – I like raspberry jelly.

Lily – I like whipped cream.

Ellen – I like chocolate.

Jack – I like Skittles.

Lauren – I like chocolate.

During Gardening with Ms. Heather, we talked about liquids and solids using water and rocks. Then we made goo by mixing cornstarch and water together. We couldn’t believe how the water got harder to stir when the cornstarch was added. Then we planted edible flowers called Nasturtiums. Hopefully we will be able to taste them soon.


During Show-N-Tell we talked about: Marie from the movie Aristocats, A Transformer and triceratops dinosaur, A jaguar stuffed animal, A Menorah, A light up jump rope, A beautiful mermaid and a jeweled jewelry box.

Our Ema and Abba did a wonderful job leading us to Shabbat and helping us with our prayers.

A big hug to our Mystery Reader. We loved the Hanukkah counting book.


Parparim 1 11/20/17-11/21/17

Gobble till you wobble. We would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. We are so excited for our show today. We have been practicing for weeks and can’t wait to sing and dance for you. We made delicious mini pumpkin muffins, which we can’t wait to eat our feast.

Our Junior Chefs had so much fun making the pumpkin muffins on Monday. We loved smelling the canned pumpkin and how the muffins made our whole school smell delicious. We can’t wait to try them.  We know they are going to be yummy in our tummy.

La, la, la. We had a great dress rehearsal for our Thanksgiving program. We love singing the We Are Thankful and Hurray, It’s Thanksgiving Day songs. A big hug to all of our family members who came out to watch us in our show. We loved performing for you!


Parparim 1 11/13/17 – 11/17/17

We have been practicing and practicing for our Thanksgiving program next week. We are so excited to get on the big stage and sing for you. Next week we are going to make pumpkin muffins, which we will be eating at our Thanksgiving feast. Yum. Yum.

We are learning about the letter “I” and realizing how tricky the sound of it is. We thought the word eye started with the letter “I” because it sounds like it does. Our teachers had to really help us out in sounding out words that start with the “I” sound. Here are some that we came up with; Ice, ivy, ice cream, Indian, itchy, iron and island.

Gobble. Gobble. We made the cutest turkeys out of pine cones, glue and feathers. Here is how we made them. First we took a pine cone that we found on the play ground. Then we picked out some feathers to place in our pine cone using glue. After we were done, we placed our turkeys on a paper plate and added eyes, a beak and a wattle. We will be using our turkeys to decorate the tables for our Thanksgiving feast. We can’t wait for you to see them.

Question of the week :” What are you going to eat during Thanksgiving and what are you thankful for?”

Jeremy – Im going to eat chicken for Thanksgiving and I’m thankful for my room.

Belle – I’m going to eat apples for Thanksgiving and I’m thankful for my brother.

Ellen – I’m going to eat candy for Thanksgiving and I’m thankful for my dad.

Alyssa – I’m going to eat mini cupcakes for Thanksgiving and I’m thankful for grapes.

Lily – I’m going to eat turkey for Thanksgiving and I’m thankful for my stuffed animals.

Jack – I’m going to eat raspberries for Thanksgiving and I’m thankful for rasberries.

Lauren – I’m going to eat turkey and chicken and I’m thankful for capers.

During Gardening with Ms. Heather, we went out to the garden and picked green beans, wax beans and dragon tongue beans. During lunch time we had the chance to try the green beans that we grew out in the garden. They were delicious. We also went out to the big kids playground to look for bugs using magnifying glasses. Then we taped white paper to pine trees and used chalk to make a tree rubbing. They look beautiful.


Our Junior Chefs made the yummiest milk shake ever on Wednesday using ice cream, Hershey’s syrup and milk. We each took turns scooping out vanilla ice cream and putting it into a blender. Then we squeezed chocolate syrup on top of the ice cream, followed by milk. Ms. MaryAnne plugged in the blender and gave our ice cram a whirl. A minute later we were slurping our milk shapes using giant straws. Needless to say we wanted seconds, but unfortunately the blender was empty. Our teachers promised that we would make milk shakes again.  We hope it’s tomorrow……

In the spirit of ice cream, we made ice cream sundaes out of paper and glue. We glued a giant letter “I”  onto a piece of paper. Then we glued down three scoops of ice cream and added small pieces of paper to represent sprinkles. They look so yummy when we finished them that some of us wished that we could eat them.


Duringl  Show-N-Tell we talked about: A Swiss mountain dog and a dachshund stuffed animal, Pretend ice cream, A big brother book, Simba stuffed animal, Donal Duck figurine, A baby doll and a whistle and real ice cream and sprinkles.

Our Ema and Abba did a wonderful job leading us in our songs and prayers.

A big hug to our Mystery Reader. We loved the book about man naming the animals and especially liked signing along with the guitar. Thank you for donating the book to our class. We can’t wait to read it again.


Parparim 1 11/6/17 – 11/10/17

In Jewish Studies we reviewed the first five stories of the Torah. We even acted out a few of them.

Our letter of the week is “H”. We sounded out words that have the “H” sound: Hero, horse, hello, hug, hog, heart, Hebrew, happy, home, hawk, high, Hannukah, helicopter, house and honey.

Our Junior Artists are getting ready for Thanksgiving. We made several crafts this week for our Thanksgiving feast celebration.  Here is  a sneak peek of what we will be sending home soon;

In Gardening with Ms. Heather we listened to the story The tiny seed by Eric Carle. Then we talked about different types of seeds and how some fly through the air and how some can even float on top of water.  Then we took straws and blew on different types of seeds. Some seeds were so light, they flew off the table. Ms. Heather then gave us small pieces of toilet paper tubes. We folded them so we could put some soil in them. Then we took seeds and placed them in the soil. We planted flowers, which we hope will start blooming in a few weeks.

Our Junior Chefs made a delicious batch of hummus for snack on Wednesday. Here is how we did it. First we poured in two cans of garbanzo beans. Then we added olive oil and a little bit of the water from our garbanzo bean cans. Next came the spices. We used garlic salt, parsley and a dash of pepper. Next came the noisy part. The blender. We pushed the start button and the magic began. The beans and the olive oil along with the spices, swirled round and round. We had to stop the blender a couple of times to stir our bean mixture. After a minute, our hummus was ready to eat. We used carrot sticks and veggie straws to dip into our hummus. A few of us were afraid to try the hummus, but we did. Guess what? We all loved it! We gave our teachers a thumbs up to let them know how much we enjoyed the hummus. Many of us asked not only asked for seconds, but thirds. Our hummus was a great hit and healthy too!


We are getting ready for our Thanksgiving program. We have been practicing our songs every day. Please check our pack backs, Our teachers sent home the two songs we need to know, so we can practice them at home. All family members are invited to come. All students will be performing even if they don’t attend school every day. Don’t forget to come hungry for our Thanksgiving feast after the show. Our class will be making yummy pumpkin muffins. Can’t wait for you to try them.

The biggest hug ever to our parents and students for remembering Ms. Melissa and I on our birthdays. The flowers you sent us were beautiful and were the talk of the preschool. Thank you for making us feel loved and appreciated.


In Music with Ms. Emily we tapped out the beat with sticks to the silly song called, ” Don’t say aint.” We love singing this song every week.

Neigh. We made the cutest horses out of paper and glue for our letter “H”. They will be hanging proudly on our outside classroom bulletin board. Hopefully you will be able to come and see them before they trot away.

We became astronauts during Science with Ms. Heather. We entered our space ship and layed down on blankets so we could gaze up at the planets on our ceiling. Ms. Heather used a flashlight to light up a planet one at a time, to give us cool facts about the planets. Did you know that a year on Mercury last only 88 days and that Venus rotates backwards? After we learned about the planets we rocketed over to the hallwayto learn about the planets and how far they are from the sun. We used toilet paper to show how far each planet is from the sun. Can you believe how much toilet paper we used to show how far Neptune is from the sun? Unbelievable!

During Show-N-Tell we talked about: A beautiful bead necklace, Clara Belle Cow stuffed animal , A giant size flamingo stuffed animal, A hammer, A squid stuffed animal, A heart shaped princess lunch box and A singing helicopter.

Our Emma and Abba did a wonderful job leading us in our songs and prayers. Thank you to our moms, dads, grandparents and siblings who came to sing with us during our family Shabbat.

A big hug to our Mystery Reader. We loved the Pete the cat book and the Tough Truck book. We can’t forget about the stickers you passed out too.


Parparim 1 10/30/17-11/3/17

In Jewish Studies we listened to the story of Rebecca who was married to Isaac. She was very kind to animals and people.

Our letter of the week is “G”.  We sounded out a lot of words that start with the “G” sound: garden, gather, goat, gum, globe, giant, game, green, grapes, giraffe, gummy bears, grow, grand ma, grand father, grow and God.

Our Junior Artists Painted the prettiest fall leaves of yellow, red and orange using paint and glitter. We are going to change them in our classroom windows to get us in the fall spirit.

During Gardening with Ms. Heather we made bird feeders. We each took a pine cone and spread solid crisco all over it using a popsicle stick. Then we put bird seed in a container and rolled our pine cones back and forth so the seeds would stick. We tied a string around the top of it, so we can tie it to a tree when we get home so we can watch the birds enjoy it.

We made giraffes out of paper and glue. We used our fine motor skills when we tore brown paper for our giraffes spots and when we used glue sticks to glue out letter “G” down on paper.



Our Junior Chefs made delicious grilled cinnamon toast on Thursday. First we spread softened butter on a piece of bread. Then we mixed sugar and cinnamon together in a bowl and sprinkled it on top of the bread. Next we melted butter in an electric skillet and placed our slices of bread in it. We grilled the bread for a minute and then flipped it over on the other side. We loved the way our room smelled from the cinnamon and really loved the way our grilled toast tasted. What great chefs we are.

During Music with Ms. Emily we got silly with scarves and then listened to the story I got the rhythm by Connie Schofield-Morrison. Then we stomped out the beat to Ms. Emily’s bongo drums.

In Science with Ms. Heather we learned about pulleys. We walked around different stations where different types of pulleys were set up. We loved the pulley where we put plastic animals in a container and then pulled the string to move the container across the room. We also loved using our muscles to lift a full juice container up in the air by pulling on a stick attached to a pulley. We learned that machines make work easier for people.

During Show-N-Tell we talked about: Cat Boy figurine, A giraffe and Elmo, A Thanksgiving turkey, Yummy grapes, Oranges in a sparkly box and A big green spider.

Our Ema and Abba did a wonderful job leading our class to Shabbat and helping us with our prayers.

A big hug to our Mystery Reader. We loved the story about a Shabbat dinosaur.