Butterfly News 10/27/14 – 10/31/14

We have had a great time learning about the letter “G.” The children named words they knew that started with “G” such as go, gorilla, great and God. We spent time out in our class garden and picked green beans right off the vine. We then washed them and tasted them during snack. Most of the class tried a bite, but some only wanted to smell them instead.

We read the book Mickey and the Giant and then everyone took crayons and drew a picture of their own giant. We also stamped grasshoppers onto green paper that each child cut to resemble green grass. They turned out so cute!

We are trying out our green thumb again to see if we have any luck in the etrog seeds  we planted. Everyone has their own container in our classroom and if  we succeed, we will add them to our already abundant garden.

We did a science experiment in which we filled a water bottle with water. We then placed the bottle in a metal tray and poked three holes into the bottle. Surprisingly the water did not leak out of the bottle. When Ms. Janet took off the water cap, the water would leak out.When she put the water cap back on, the water would stop. She explained to the class that this was called water pressure. The class got so tickled when the water would start leaking out of the bottle. They wanted to keep doing it over and over.

PARENTS: Please check backpacks on a daily basis. We are seeing forms that the office wants us to send home still in backpacks days later unread. If you are smiling while reading this, then you know we are talking about you.

Our classroom is in need of Sedakah. Please try to send in change for your child on Fridays. Every bit helps someone in need. We would also appreciate it if someone could send in wipes and small ziploc bags. We seem to never have enough. Thank you.

Ms. Janet and I would like to send out Mitzah stars to Simon’s grandmother for donating wrist pouches for the children to place their sedakah money into. We would also like to thank  Zachai’s mom and Emma’s mom for donating books to our classroom. The children have really enjoyed listening to the stories.

Happy Birthday to Emma who is celebrating her fourth birthday on 11/4/2014 and to Zachai who is also turning four on 11/8/2014.

Important dates to remember: November 5th is petting zoo day and November 7th is parent conferences.

Thank you to Madison’s dad for being our mystery reader on Friday. The class loved the story he read to them.

Noam and Joseph did a wonderful job as our Emma and Abba. Our next Emma will be Madison and our Abba will be Zachai for the week of 11/14/2014. There will be no Shabbat on Friday due to parent conferences.