Butterfly News 10/6/14 – 10/10/14

For being a short week, we were extremely busy. In Jewish Studies we sang songs about Sukkot. On Wednesday we went into the big Sukkah to hang the Etrogs that our class made. We also danced and ate snack that day out in our beautiful Sukkah. The children loved it!

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This week we are learning the letter “E”. The class named words they knew that started with the letter “E” like egg, Emma, eat, eyes and Ema. We looked at pictures of elephants and made an adorable picture of one by stamping everyone’s hand to make the elephant’s legs and trunk. Ms. Janet added the finishing touches to make our hand print elephants complete.

Our class made their own Sukkah for the Sukkot holiday with boxes donated from Simon Dayan’s mom. Everyone took turns painting the Sukkah and then decorating it with leaves and branches. If you look closely you can even see a doorbell that one of the students drew on with a marker. We made Torahs for the upcoming Simchat Torah holiday,which falls on October 17, 2014.

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In keeping with our letter “E” theme, the class had the enjoyment of peeling and eating hard boiled eggs. I must say the class did very well in peeling  their own eggs. Ms. Janet did a science experiment using hard boiled eggs and a glass bottle. She put a lighted match into a bottle and placed a peeled hard boiled egg on top of it. Immediately the egg got sucked into the bottom of the bottle. Everyone was amazed, including myself, when the egg went into the bottle. Ms. Janet explained that the lighted match took all of the air out of the bottle and helped to create a vacuum inside the bottle. The class loved it so much that Ms.Janet had to perform the experiment three times.

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A special thanks to Simon, Joseph’s dad, for helping with the Sukkahs out in the school courtyard. Our class also had the chance to hang the Etrogs that we made using a real lemon and a wire clothes hanger onto the preschool’s  Sukkah. The class loved looking at the four Sukkahs that all of our school children lovingly made.

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We love our playground time!

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