Butterfly News 8/25/14 – 8/29/14


The class had fun on Monday playing in our zebra tent. Later that day we used push pins to trace everybody’s name on a piece of paper and then taped it up to the window to see the light come through their names. We had our first P.E. class with Ms.Amanda on Tuesday. Our class had so much fun exercising and then playing with balls and hula hoops. You probably saw the beautiful Mezuzah your child made in our Wednesday Jewish Studies class. What a cute idea for each child to have their own Mezuzah that they can put up in their bedroom.

In Science with Ms.Amanda, she discussed how seeds grow into plants. Each child got a baggie in which they placed three seeds into it. We then placed our individual greenhouses on our classroom window. We can’t wait to see the children’s faces when their seeds start to grow. Ms. Janet did another science experiment with the children about fire and how it needs air to burn. She placed a candle in a pan filled with water. She then lit the candle and placed a glass jar over it. The class got to see how the flame when out because there was no oxygen and how a vacuum was created when air filled the inside of the glass jar. The class cheered when the jar filled with water. It was amazing!

On Friday’s Shabbat, Simon and Andi did a wonderful job as our Ema and Abba. Next week our Ema will be Madison and our Abba will be Mayer.







On your mark, get ready




I love P.E.
There’s a dinosaur knocking at my door.
I love my Jewish Studies class!
I love to learn in Science with Ms.Amanda.

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