Butterfly News 9/2/14 – 9/5/14

This week our class has been studying the letter “A”. We practiced drawling  the letter “A” and talked about things that start with the letter “A”. On Tuesday the children made paper airplanes and loved climbing to the top of our classroom tower and watching their planes zoom to the ground. I was very impressed on how well the planes flew. We also planted corn and pumpkin seeds in our classroom. We already had sprouts showing on Friday. It looks like our class has a green thumb!

On Thursday we had art day in which we looked at beautiful paintings by several Jewish artists and by Michelangelo. The class loved the pictures of the Sistine Chapel and could not believe the painting was done by the artist lying on his back. Ms. Janet had the class lie on their backs and draw a picture on a piece of paper she had taped to the bottom of our classroom table. Their was a lot of giggles and I giggled myself on how cute the class looked with their feet sticking out of the bottom of the table. Everyone made a masterpiece, which we displayed on our bulletin board outside our classroom. Stop by and take a look for yourself of our budding young artists.


1. Please make sure your child has a clean set of winter clothes in their cubbies.

2. We have had a lot of toes stepped on this week and mulch getting into sandals. Ouch! Please try to dress your child in closed toed shoes for school. They are the safest ones to wear.

3. Our school is holding a TAILGATE PARTY on 9/12/14. The celebration starts at 5:30 p.m. with Kol Train with dinner at 6:00 p.m. The menu is sure to be a touchdown with grape juice, challah, hamburgers and all the fixins. There will be a vegetarian option of roasted tomato,corn and black bean chili. Watermelon and fries will also be served to everyone. Yum!

4. Please send back the home assessment we passed out during open house. We need them for school programming. Thanks.

Our class is excited to be getting a new student on Monday 9/8/14. Please help me welcome Noam who has recently moved to Jacksonville from Toronto with her parents. I know she will be a welcomed addition to our classroom.

Emma and Mayer did a wonderful job as this weeks Ema and Abba. Next week our Ema will be Noam and our Abba will be Joseph. Parents are welcome to join us during our Shabbat celebration. Don’t forget your tzedakah.