Butterfly News November 17-21 2014

This week our class is studying the letter “J.” The class named words they knew that started with the letter “J” like Joseph, jet, job, Jewish and Janet. We then showed them how to practice writing the letter “J.” They all did a great job and were proud of their writing skills.

In Jewish Studies we have begun singing songs to get ready for our Chanukah program. Please mark your calenders for the evening of December 17th to join us as we sing and dance to celebrate this historical holiday.

In Discovery Studios, Ms. Amanda talked about snow, which was perfect since it was such a cold day. She explained how snow is made and then gave each child a bowl with water in it. She then added a powder which magically made snow. The class had snow ( ha-ha) much fun making snowballs.

We have continued talking about Native Americans and Pilgrims. We decorated Indian vests to go along with the hats we made last week. We also made necklaces out of painted rolled up paper that the children strung on torn pieces of a bandana. They are absolutely beautiful! In finishing up with our Thanksgiving unit, our class talked about the Pilgrim’s voyage on the Mayflower and how helpful the Indians were in teaching the Pilgrims how to grow food. The children learned that the first meal that the Pilgrims ate with the Indians was called Thanksgiving. We have been celebrating this meal for almost four hundred years. Wow! Thank you to Joseph’s dad Simon for the awesome tepee he made that was in our lunch room. Our class had a fun time visiting and playing in the tepee.

Our class joined Ms. Maria’s Parparim class and carved out a pumpkin. The children were skeptical about pulling the seeds out of the pumpkin, but they were brave and did it. We then cooked the seeds and cut the pumpkin into pieces and baked it. At snack the class had the pleasure of eating pumpkin seeds and cooked pumpkin that Ms. Janet glazed with honey. To our surprise, everyone tried either a few seeds or cooked pumpkin. The class voted that they loved the pumpkin seeds best.

Please don’t forget about our Thanksgiving program this Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. Our class has been hard at work practicing our songs and your little Pilgrim is going to look adorable on stage singing, so don’t forget your camera. Ms. Janet and I want to wish everyone one of you a Happy Thanksgiving. We have so many things to be thankful for. One of them is having the pleasure of your child in our class. We are constantly saying how wonderful our class is.

We will be getting a new student in our class on December 1st. Please help me in welcoming Leah J and family!