Butterfly News November 3-7 2014

We love our new dress up costumes!
World’s Strongest Kid is Mayer.
IMG_3068 We made paper hats just like Curious George.

IMG_3075IMG_3074IMG_3072IMG_3073IMG_3070IMG_3069IMG_3148 IMG_3151 IMG_3152 IMG_3150This week we are studying the letter “H.” The children named words that started with “H” such as Hank, house, horse, hot and hug. We made paper hats out of grocery bags and decorated them with markers and stickers. We hung them on our  bulletin board located outside our classroom. When you drop your child off in the morning, take a moment to look at what a great job the children did. The hats are absolutely adorable! We also decorated Hamsa with markers and glitter. Ms. Janet and I love the way they turned out and were are sure you will agree.

On Wednesday our class went outside to see the petting zoo that came to our school. There were ducks, rabbits, a pig, goats, sheep, a pony and a cow. The children loved running from cage to cage laughing at the pig and ducks. They especially loved brushing the pony. I was very proud of how respectful our class was towards the animals. They were very gentle when they petted the animals and brushed the pony’s fur. It was a great time and one we won’t forget.

IMG_3096 IMG_3115 IMG_3111 IMG_3084 IMG_3097 IMG_3109 IMG_3120 IMG_3085 IMG_3102 IMG_3118 IMG_3089 IMG_3082 IMG_3087 IMG_3108 IMG_3105 IMG_3103 IMG_3094 IMG_3110 IMG_3081 IMG_3086

We looked at images of bees and talked about the different types of them. The largest breed of bees are called leaf cutters.  Did you know that bees have long tongues and two stomachs? The class also learned that small bees don’t sting.

We read Curious George Rides A Bike and made hats out of newspapers just like Curious George did in the book. Needless to say our little monkeys looked so cute in their hats. They also painted beautiful pictures with water paint. Our class could give Monet a run for his money. They are such good little artists!


Ms. Janet did a science experiment with vinegar and baking soda. She took a jar and filled it vinegar. She then added baking soda and placed a rubber glove over it. Within seconds the glove filled up with gas and stood upright. Ms. Janet explained that when you add baking soda to vinegar it produces a gas. The class loved doing the experiment so much, that Ms. Janet had to perform it five times. They got such a kick seeing the glove rise up as if it was waving. The class screamed out “hello”  and laughed every time the glove filled up with gas. The children were so cute that they had Ms. Janet and I laughing with them.

IMG_3121 IMG_3122 IMG_3127 IMG_3125 IMG_3131 IMG_3134 IMG_3132 IMG_3135 IMG_3136 IMG_3140 IMG_3137 IMG_3136 IMG_3141

Our class wants to send Zach’s mom hugs and kisses for bringing in dress up costumes. The class has had so much fun dressing up as cowgirls, spider man and the world’s strongest man

Ms. Janet’s son will be coming into Jacksonville for a visit on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, so she will be home spending time with her son.

This weeks Ema is Madison and our Abba is Zachai.