Butterfly News October 20 – 24 2014

In Jewish Studies we are talking about Noah’s Arc, which is the second story in the Torah. The children learned about Noah and the Arc God asked him to build through songs and story time. During snack we made Noah’s Arc out of pound cake, animal crackers and a Hershey bar. Yum!

This week we are learning about the letter “F.” The children named words that started with the letter “F” such as farm, fish and frog. We looked at pictures of different flowers and fish. We watched a video on the life cycle of frogs. The children learned that frogs can see in the dark and that they grow their back legs first. They had a good laugh watching the frog catch flies and grasshoppers with its long, fast tongue. We finished up our frog unit by making frogs out of folded index cards that jumped when you pushed down on their backs.

In Discovery Studio the children has a scavenger hunt in the garden. Ms. Amanda hid rubber worms, lady bugs, bees and butterflies. The class had so much fun looking for insects that live in our garden and were amazed at the tomatoes they could see growing on the vine.

Now that Fall is here, we took a nature walk to collect leaves and flowers. We went back into the classroom and put the flowers between a piece of folded paper. We then took turns using a rolling pin to extract the pigment out of the flowers. Take a look at our Science bulletin board to see the beautiful colors that came out of our flowers. We made leaf people out of the leaves the children collected. You can see what a wonderful job your child did when you glance at the bulletin board outside our classroom.

In art we made adorable paper fish out of lunch bags. We also mixed Borax, glue and water together to make Flubber. Everybody had to mix the ingredients together in their own plastic bag and then by magic the ingredients turned into a white ball that resembled a snow ball. The class had fun bouncing their Flubber on the floor. Our class also had a fun time making Noah’s Arc out of paper and stickers. Come and see how talented your little artist is by looking at their Arc on our outside class room bulletin board.


We did a Science experiment with food coloring and celery. We placed red and blue food coloring in two containers and then placed pieces of celery into the containers. The next day the children got to see how the food coloring went in through the bottom of the celery and went all the way up to the leaves of the celery. One of the children said it was magic and the celery was beautiful. I couldn’t agree more.

Emma and Mayer did a wonderful job as our Ema and Abba this week. Next week Joseph will be our Abba and Noam will be our Ema. Thanks to Simon’s mom for being our first Mystery Reader who came into our class on Friday to read a book to our class.