Parparim 1 10/16/17 – 10/20/17

We had a wonderful time on Monday when we marched into the social hall and sung Henei Ma Tov to our grandparents who were visiting our school and enjoying a delicious breakfast. It was nice to see siblings and cousins all coming together to sing for our grand parents and to show our grandparents our class room.

During Jewish Studies we listened to the story of Noah’s Ark and sang songs about him. Did you know that Noah sent a dove out to find dry land and that it rained for forty days while he was on the ark? What a soggy mess! We acted out the story of Noah’s Ark and some of us flew around like the dove looking for land.  On Wednesday we made Noah’s Ark out of pound cake, Hershey’s candy bars and animal crackers. It was the best ark we ever ate.

We read the book Mouse’s First Fall by Lauren Thompson and then our Junior Artists got busy making the mouse Minka from the story out of paper and glue.  We glued colorful leaves all around Minka because in the book she loved to play in the leaves.  We loved choosing what type of pom pom we wanted to use for our mouse’s nose. Some of us chose a sparkly one, while others chose a plain pink pom pom. They look so cute! We are going to hang them up on our bulletin board outside of our class room. The next time you come in to visit our room, take a look at our beautiful mouse picture.

During snack on Monday, we went out to the school’s big Sukkah. We loved playing ” I Spy” and finding pumpkins, pears, grapes and bananas. We took down our lanterns that we made to decorate the Sukkah to show our moms and dads. We are sad that our Sukkah can’t stay up for the rest of the school year, but we know that next year we will make an even better Sukkah.

We sounded out words that started with the letter “E” such as: egg, elephant, Ellen, Ema, eagle, ear, eel, eye and envelope.

Our Junior Artists got creative making our own pumpkin patch with paper pumpkin cut outs and tissue paper. We each took a pumpkin and squirted glue all over it. Then we laid orange squares of tissue paper all over the glue. Then we took green tissue paper and squished them into balls to use for our pumpkin’s stem. We then took green bulletin board paper and bunched them up to resemble pumpkin stems. We stapled them to our wall and then stapled our paper pumpkins to them creating our own indoor pumpkin patch. Our class loves to pretend they are in the pumpkin patch picking out their own pumpkin.


Our Junior Chefs made scrambled eggs in honor of the letter “E”.  We were excited to hear that we were each going to have a chance to crack an egg into the big yellow bowl. Ms. Melissa showed us how to hit the egg on the side of the bowl, and then how to use both of our hands to pull the egg apart. We patiently waited for our turn to crack our egg, and we are going to brag that we didn’t get any egg shells in our egg mixture. Ms, MaryAnne said that we we’re pros at cracking eggs. We made sure to wash our hands after we cracked our egg and then sat down to wait for our eggs to cook. Some of us didn’t want to try the scrambled eggs at first, but boy were we glad we changed our mind. They were delicious and we can’t wait to eat them again.

Our Junior Artists got in the egg mood when they made the letter “E” into an egg. We used glue on our letter “E’ to attach it to a big piece of paper. Then we took white paper, which was cut into the shape of a cracked egg shell, and glued it onto the letter “E”. Our teachers said we all did an egg-cellent job. Aren’t our teachers silly?


We had a dancing good time during Music with Ms. Emily. We used egg shakers to dance with and then used scarves for our silly pizza song dance.

During Science with Ms. Heather we read a book about floating and sinking. Then we did an experiment to see what objects would float or sink. We used plastic forks, rocks, wood, plastic tops and balloons. After our experiment, Ms. Heather passed out pieces of tin foil so we could each make our own boat. Then we got to test our boats in a tub full of water. We were happy to see that we were great boat builders and that our boats didn’t sink. Ms. Heather then passed out pennies to each of us to see how many our boat could hold. Making boats was great fun.

During Show-N-Tell we talked about: An Elsa doll, Babies in a rocking chair, A felt egg and an elephant, A black stuffed cat, A pink chihuahua stuffed dog, An Elmo book and stuffed animal and a plastic alligator and dinosaur.

Our Ema and Abba did a wonderful job this week leading us in our walk and prayers to Shabbat. We even had a surprise visitor during Shabbat. It was Noah who was taking a land vacation  from his Ark. He did a great job in leading us in our prayers and we just loved his long white beard.

A big hug to our Mystery Reader. Our class loved listening to the book about Mitzvahs and learning the different ways we can each do a Mitzvah at home or school.

** Please remember to check your child’s back packs on a daily basis. We have placed a fund raising packet in the back packs that need to be returned in early November as well as lovely art work. Thank you.