Parparim 1 10/23/17 – 10/27/17

In Jewish Studies we opened the Torah to the third story, which is about Abraham and Sarah. Abraham was the first Jew to believe in only one God. We also read about Abraham and his wife Sarah who God told them they would have as many children as there are stars. Yikes! That is a lot of children.

We are learning about the letter “F” this week. We sounded out words with the “F” sound such as: Frog, funny, fork, farm, flash light, fire fighter, four, fly, five and feather.

Our Junior Artists had a sparkly good time when we painted real pumpkins with glitter. We all sat down at a table covered with green paper to contain the glitter. Then we took a paint brush and spread glue all over our pumpkin. Then came the best part. Glitter!  We could chose from green, orange or bronze glitter. Some of us chose two colors. We are very proud of our beautiful pumpkins and we can’t wait for our moms and dads to see them.


Question of the week. What does your mom and dad do while you are at school?

Lauren – My mom thinks about me and my dad thinks about chocolate milk.

Jeremy – My mom is taking care of Nate and my dad drives to work.

Belle – My mom sits in a blue chair at work and my dad sits in a brown chair.

Jack – My mom sits at her desk and looks at things on her phone and my dad        reads about things when Max and Ellie were babies.

Lily – My mom teaches her kids how to cut with scissors and my dad works on the computer.

Alyssa – My mom goes to meetings and my dad talks to my mommy on the phone.

Ellen – My mom does laundry and my dad works on a computer.

During  free time we love to dress up and  pretend that we are going to Disney. We all put on costumes, grab purses, phones, wallets and credit cards and then march around the room singing out loud that we are going to Disney and we have a plane to catch. Don’t we have great imaginations?

A big hug to Ms. Whitney from P.J. Library for coming into our class room and reading us the stories about doing mitzvahs.


During Gardening with Ms. Heather we talked about good and bad bugs that live in the garden. Lady bugs and the Lady beetle are good bugs to have in a garden, while spiders and mealybugs are bad because they love to eat the plants. Then we made super hero bug masks using paper plates, crayons and popsicle sticks.  Most of us made Lady bug masks. Aren’t we the cutest bugs you’ve ever seen?

“F” is for fall, so we took the letter “F” and glued it on a red piece of paper. Then we took paper leaf cut outs and glued them all over the letter “F” to represent falling leaves. Looking at our picture sure gets us in the fall spirit. The only thing missing is cooler weather.


Our Junior Chefs had a sticky good time making French toast. We had the chance to crack an egg again in the big yellow bowl if we wanted to. Then we took a whisk to stir the milk, eggs, cinnamon ( our secret ingredient) and vanilla extract. After that Ms. MaryAnne showed us how she was going to dip pieces of bread into the egg mixture and then place the bread in an electric skillet to cook. Our room smelled so good while we waited for the French toast to finish cooking. Our teachers cut our snack into pieces for us and then gave us a drizzle of the yummy, sticky maple syrup. All of us asked for seconds. Needless to say we loved eating French toast. Belle said she wants it for snack again next week!

Our class did a Science Experiment on Wednesday by taking pieces of string in different lengths, and guessing which length of string would wrap around our decorative pumpkin and a real pumpkin that we have in our class room. Most of us guessed the correct piece of string to use. Yay! Then we figured out which kitchen tool would cut open our real baby pumpkin. Some of us tried using the handle of a spoon, while others thought a whisk might work. After several attempts, Ms. MaryAnne took out a small paring knife and cut the pumpkin in half. Inside we saw a lot of seed and stringy orange pulp. We took turn smelling the pumpkin and pulling out the seeds. We plan on cooking them in the oven on Thursday.

We read a special book today called Mr. Mogs hears some frogs. We couldn’t believe it when Ms. Melissa told us her big brother Ken wrote and illustrated the book. He is a great author and we loved the pictures of Mr. Mogs.


In Science with Ms. Heather we did an experiment with magnets. We had several object on a table to see which one would stick to our magnet. We used pencils, paper clips, nickels, scissors, books, rulers and a clothes pins. We also went fishing for alphabet fish to try and find the letters of our name.  The funniest part was using our magnets and putting them in a container full of cut up pieces of pipe cleaners. Ms. Heather said it looks like crazy hair, which made us laugh.

* Sorry for sending the blog early this week, but I won’t be at work on Friday. Have a great week end!