Parparim 1 11/13/17 – 11/17/17

We have been practicing and practicing for our Thanksgiving program next week. We are so excited to get on the big stage and sing for you. Next week we are going to make pumpkin muffins, which we will be eating at our Thanksgiving feast. Yum. Yum.

We are learning about the letter “I” and realizing how tricky the sound of it is. We thought the word eye started with the letter “I” because it sounds like it does. Our teachers had to really help us out in sounding out words that start with the “I” sound. Here are some that we came up with; Ice, ivy, ice cream, Indian, itchy, iron and island.

Gobble. Gobble. We made the cutest turkeys out of pine cones, glue and feathers. Here is how we made them. First we took a pine cone that we found on the play ground. Then we picked out some feathers to place in our pine cone using glue. After we were done, we placed our turkeys on a paper plate and added eyes, a beak and a wattle. We will be using our turkeys to decorate the tables for our Thanksgiving feast. We can’t wait for you to see them.

Question of the week :” What are you going to eat during Thanksgiving and what are you thankful for?”

Jeremy – Im going to eat chicken for Thanksgiving and I’m thankful for my room.

Belle – I’m going to eat apples for Thanksgiving and I’m thankful for my brother.

Ellen – I’m going to eat candy for Thanksgiving and I’m thankful for my dad.

Alyssa – I’m going to eat mini cupcakes for Thanksgiving and I’m thankful for grapes.

Lily – I’m going to eat turkey for Thanksgiving and I’m thankful for my stuffed animals.

Jack – I’m going to eat raspberries for Thanksgiving and I’m thankful for rasberries.

Lauren – I’m going to eat turkey and chicken and I’m thankful for capers.

During Gardening with Ms. Heather, we went out to the garden and picked green beans, wax beans and dragon tongue beans. During lunch time we had the chance to try the green beans that we grew out in the garden. They were delicious. We also went out to the big kids playground to look for bugs using magnifying glasses. Then we taped white paper to pine trees and used chalk to make a tree rubbing. They look beautiful.


Our Junior Chefs made the yummiest milk shake ever on Wednesday using ice cream, Hershey’s syrup and milk. We each took turns scooping out vanilla ice cream and putting it into a blender. Then we squeezed chocolate syrup on top of the ice cream, followed by milk. Ms. MaryAnne plugged in the blender and gave our ice cram a whirl. A minute later we were slurping our milk shapes using giant straws. Needless to say we wanted seconds, but unfortunately the blender was empty. Our teachers promised that we would make milk shakes again.  We hope it’s tomorrow……

In the spirit of ice cream, we made ice cream sundaes out of paper and glue. We glued a giant letter “I”  onto a piece of paper. Then we glued down three scoops of ice cream and added small pieces of paper to represent sprinkles. They look so yummy when we finished them that some of us wished that we could eat them.


Duringl  Show-N-Tell we talked about: A Swiss mountain dog and a dachshund stuffed animal, Pretend ice cream, A big brother book, Simba stuffed animal, Donal Duck figurine, A baby doll and a whistle and real ice cream and sprinkles.

Our Ema and Abba did a wonderful job leading us in our songs and prayers.

A big hug to our Mystery Reader. We loved the book about man naming the animals and especially liked signing along with the guitar. Thank you for donating the book to our class. We can’t wait to read it again.