Parparim 1 11/20/17-11/21/17

Gobble till you wobble. We would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. We are so excited for our show today. We have been practicing for weeks and can’t wait to sing and dance for you. We made delicious mini pumpkin muffins, which we can’t wait to eat our feast.

Our Junior Chefs had so much fun making the pumpkin muffins on Monday. We loved smelling the canned pumpkin and how the muffins made our whole school smell delicious. We can’t wait to try them.  We know they are going to be yummy in our tummy.

La, la, la. We had a great dress rehearsal for our Thanksgiving program. We love singing the We Are Thankful and Hurray, It’s Thanksgiving Day songs. A big hug to all of our family members who came out to watch us in our show. We loved performing for you!