Parparim 1 11/2/15 – 11/6/15

In Jewish Studies we are learning about Joseph and his coat of many colors. Did you know he had ten brothers and one sister? Wow!!!

We went out into the garden and planted the beans that were in our class room greenhouses. Everyone was excited to plant the beans that would become beanstalks. So cute. We also planted the dill and cilantro from our class room. Our garden is really thriving and we can’t wait to try everything for snack time.

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We have started our clothing unit. We read the book The Mitten by Jan Brett and then had a discussion about clothes. We made a list from what our class said about clothes. Here are some of the ideas we had on clothing: You have to wash them, You need a rain coat when it’s raining, Shoes and socks keep your feet warm, Some clothes are for sleeping, Bathing suits are for swimming, and you need to wear a mink coat when it’s cold outside.

We recycled some newspapers and made paper hats. Don’t we  look adorable? Some of us pretended they were magic hats and some of us pretended they were cookie hats.

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In P.E. with Ms. Alyse, we had a busy time getting fit doing our exercises. We then tucked a sock into our pants and hopped like a bunny away from our friends, so they couldn’t capture our bunny tails. We then played our favorite game – PARACHUTE!

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Our junior chefs had a chance to cut open a giant pumpkin to see what was inside of it. We loved putting our hands inside the pumpkin and pulling the seeds out of the gooey pumpkin pulp. We then cleaned the seeds off , sprinkled them with salt and baked them. Everyone loved eating the seeds. They were crispy like a potato chip and tasted like yummy popcorn.

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In Gardening with Ms. Amanda, we went out into the garden and talked about flowers. First we got to smell them. Then we pulled off the petals. Finally we spilt our flowers apart to see the seeds inside. We loved learning about flowers and playing with the beautiful flower petals.

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We made bandana necklaces out of torn strips of bandanas and beads. They looked beautiful when we put them on.

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In Science with Ms. Amanda, we talked about germs and how they spread by coughing, sneezing, shaking hands and even giving someone a high five. The best way to get rid of germs is to use soap and water. We then took baby powder and sprinkled it all over our hands. We rubbed our hands together to see all of the places that germs can hide. We will beat germs and always use lots of soap and water when we sneeze or cough and after we go to the potty.

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A big thank you to Whitney Kuvin from P.J. Library for coming into our class room to read us a story on Jewish holidays. She even gave us a coloring page to color with crayons. They looked wonderful after we finished them.


We made ink blots in class by taking different color paints and dotted them on white paper. Then we folded our paper in half and rubbed the paper so all of the colors would blend together. Some of our pictures looked like robots and some of them looked like a crab.

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A big thank you to Hannah’s dad for being our Mystery Reader. Our class enjoyed listening to the story of Peter Pan.

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We had so much fun at our school wide Shabbat. It was so nice to see our mommies, daddies and grandparents joining us as we sang and danced to get ready for Shabbat. Hannah and Zachary did a great job as our Ema and Abba. Next week our Ema is Nikki and our Abba is Joshua.

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