Parparim 1 11/28/17 – 12/1/17

In Jewish Studies we started talking about Hannukah and learning songs for our upcoming Hannukah program in which we will singing in. We sent home song sheets earlier this week. If you have a chance, can you please practice with your child? We appreciate all of your help in making

Our Letter of the week is “J”. We sounded out words that start with the “J” sound such as: Jeremy, Jack, jump, jet, jack hammer, jeans, Jewish, joy, jungle and jacket.

During Science with Ms. Heather, we looked at images of the rovers that gathered information on the planet Mars. Scientists were hoping to find water, but instead found groves in the soil, which might have come from a river bed long ago. We then made our own rovers out of toilet paper holders, pipe cleaners, beads, straws, juice lids, rubber bands and Play Doh. We loved using our creativity to build our rover. Amazingly, they all turned out differently.


Our Junior Chefs had a jamming good time using our fine motor skills to make jam sandwiches. We took bread and cut out the letter “J” using cookie cutters. Then we took strawberry jam and spread it all over our bread. All of our friends loved their “J” sandwiches and using cookie cutters.

We said good bye to fall on Wednesday with a leaf fight on the playground. We took dried leaves and sprinkled them on the grass. Then we picked up a handful of leaves and threw them gently at our friends. We also took cute pictures with the leaves.

Our Junior Artists made the cutest jelly fish out of paper, glue and curling ribbon. We talked about how jelly fish can sting you, so you should never step on one.

Question of the week: What do you like to put on latkes when you eat them?

Alyssa – I like whipped cream, chocolate and marshmallows.

Belle – I like chocolate and M & M’s.

Jeremy – I like raspberry jelly.

Lily – I like whipped cream.

Ellen – I like chocolate.

Jack – I like Skittles.

Lauren – I like chocolate.

During Gardening with Ms. Heather, we talked about liquids and solids using water and rocks. Then we made goo by mixing cornstarch and water together. We couldn’t believe how the water got harder to stir when the cornstarch was added. Then we planted edible flowers called Nasturtiums. Hopefully we will be able to taste them soon.


During Show-N-Tell we talked about: Marie from the movie Aristocats, A Transformer and triceratops dinosaur, A jaguar stuffed animal, A Menorah, A light up jump rope, A beautiful mermaid and a jeweled jewelry box.

Our Ema and Abba did a wonderful job leading us to Shabbat and helping us with our prayers.

A big hug to our Mystery Reader. We loved the Hanukkah counting book.