Parparim 1 11/6/17 – 11/10/17

In Jewish Studies we reviewed the first five stories of the Torah. We even acted out a few of them.

Our letter of the week is “H”. We sounded out words that have the “H” sound: Hero, horse, hello, hug, hog, heart, Hebrew, happy, home, hawk, high, Hannukah, helicopter, house and honey.

Our Junior Artists are getting ready for Thanksgiving. We made several crafts this week for our Thanksgiving feast celebration.  Here is  a sneak peek of what we will be sending home soon;

In Gardening with Ms. Heather we listened to the story The tiny seed by Eric Carle. Then we talked about different types of seeds and how some fly through the air and how some can even float on top of water.  Then we took straws and blew on different types of seeds. Some seeds were so light, they flew off the table. Ms. Heather then gave us small pieces of toilet paper tubes. We folded them so we could put some soil in them. Then we took seeds and placed them in the soil. We planted flowers, which we hope will start blooming in a few weeks.

Our Junior Chefs made a delicious batch of hummus for snack on Wednesday. Here is how we did it. First we poured in two cans of garbanzo beans. Then we added olive oil and a little bit of the water from our garbanzo bean cans. Next came the spices. We used garlic salt, parsley and a dash of pepper. Next came the noisy part. The blender. We pushed the start button and the magic began. The beans and the olive oil along with the spices, swirled round and round. We had to stop the blender a couple of times to stir our bean mixture. After a minute, our hummus was ready to eat. We used carrot sticks and veggie straws to dip into our hummus. A few of us were afraid to try the hummus, but we did. Guess what? We all loved it! We gave our teachers a thumbs up to let them know how much we enjoyed the hummus. Many of us asked not only asked for seconds, but thirds. Our hummus was a great hit and healthy too!


We are getting ready for our Thanksgiving program. We have been practicing our songs every day. Please check our pack backs, Our teachers sent home the two songs we need to know, so we can practice them at home. All family members are invited to come. All students will be performing even if they don’t attend school every day. Don’t forget to come hungry for our Thanksgiving feast after the show. Our class will be making yummy pumpkin muffins. Can’t wait for you to try them.

The biggest hug ever to our parents and students for remembering Ms. Melissa and I on our birthdays. The flowers you sent us were beautiful and were the talk of the preschool. Thank you for making us feel loved and appreciated.


In Music with Ms. Emily we tapped out the beat with sticks to the silly song called, ” Don’t say aint.” We love singing this song every week.

Neigh. We made the cutest horses out of paper and glue for our letter “H”. They will be hanging proudly on our outside classroom bulletin board. Hopefully you will be able to come and see them before they trot away.

We became astronauts during Science with Ms. Heather. We entered our space ship and layed down on blankets so we could gaze up at the planets on our ceiling. Ms. Heather used a flashlight to light up a planet one at a time, to give us cool facts about the planets. Did you know that a year on Mercury last only 88 days and that Venus rotates backwards? After we learned about the planets we rocketed over to the hallwayto learn about the planets and how far they are from the sun. We used toilet paper to show how far each planet is from the sun. Can you believe how much toilet paper we used to show how far Neptune is from the sun? Unbelievable!

During Show-N-Tell we talked about: A beautiful bead necklace, Clara Belle Cow stuffed animal , A giant size flamingo stuffed animal, A hammer, A squid stuffed animal, A heart shaped princess lunch box and A singing helicopter.

Our Emma and Abba did a wonderful job leading us in our songs and prayers. Thank you to our moms, dads, grandparents and siblings who came to sing with us during our family Shabbat.

A big hug to our Mystery Reader. We loved the Pete the cat book and the Tough Truck book. We can’t forget about the stickers you passed out too.