Parparim 1 1/20/15 – 1/24/15

This week we are learning all about the letter “O.”  The children named words that started with “O” or had the “O” sound to it. Here is what they named: octopus, ocean, owl, Noam, oval and no.

Our class enjoyed our snow day.  Several teachers transformed our music room into a winter wonderland with snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, snowflakes on the walls, a table filled with plastic arctic  animals frozen in blocks of ice, winter themed books, a giant snowman, a dress up area with mittens and scarves and thousands of cotton balls all over the floor. We had the class take off their shoes and then watched as they ran to put on mittens and make snow angels. Ms. Janet and I joined some of the class in a snow ball fight. I must say the children got us pretty good. Ms. Janet had cotton balls in the pocket of her robe. The children glided on the floor like they were ice skating and chased each other with their cold hands from the ice table. This day is one we won’t forget. It was snow much fun!!!IMG_4664 IMG_4668 IMG_4665 IMG_4677 IMG_4693 IMG_4678 IMG_4684 IMG_4688 IMG_4692 IMG_4696 IMG_4683 IMG_4691 IMG_4697 IMG_4699 IMG_4698 IMG_4694


In art we made paper owls out of paper and crayons. We then cut out a hole in a brown lunch bag to place the owls into. Ms. Janet explained to the class that some owls live in the hollows of trees for protection from the weather and other animals.

IMG_4713 IMG_4707 IMG_4710 IMG_4712 IMG_4706 IMG_4703 IMG_4702 IMG_4704 IMG_4709

In Jewish Studies we have been talking about Tu B’ Shevat and practicing songs for our upcoming Shobbee Doobee Shabbat on February 6th.

IMG_4719 IMG_4715 IMG_4720 IMG_4717 IMG_4714

Ms. Janet talked to the children about water tension and then did an experiment where we filled up a plastic bowl with water almost to the top. She then asked the class how many pennies it would take to make the water overflow. Some guessed five and some guessed one hundred. Believe it or not, it took 129 pennies added to the plastic container for the water to rise enough to overflow onto the table. Ms. Janet and I were afraid that we were going to run out of pennies, but we made it.

IMG_4736 IMG_4734 IMG_4728 IMG_4727 IMG_4723 IMG_4722

We looked at a book about the human body. The children were fascinated by the way our bodies look without our skin on. They thought the skeleton looked funny. We then went over all the organs and what they do. Ask your child if they remember what organ is in their  head. The brain was voted as their favorite organ.

Looked at images of oceans, submarines and the animals that live in the ocean. We then made a colorful mural of fish and submarines and placed the masterpiece outside on our classroom bulletin board. Come take a look at our beautiful sea.

IMG_4746 IMG_4745 IMG_4744 IMG_4743 IMG_4737 IMG_4740 IMG_4739 IMG_4738

Please be on the lookout for mid-year A.S.Q. forms that will be coming home in the next few weeks.

Thank you to Noam’s mom for being our mystery reader. The class loved the book about trees.

IMG_4749 IMG_4747

We are working on decorating a shofar that our class will be auctioning off during Purim.

IMG_4761 IMG_4756 IMG_4752 IMG_4753 IMG_4758 IMG_4757

Andi did a great job as our Ema and Mayer did a fantastic job as our Abba. Next week our Ema will be Emma and our Abba will be Joseph.