Parparim 1 12/11/17 – 12/15/17

In Jewish Studies we have mastered our songs and dances for our Hanukkah program. We are so excited to show you how hard we have been working and can’t wait to spin like a dreidel for you.


On Monday our Junior Chefs created a menorah out of fruit. We used cut up bananas, tangerines, blueberries and pretzel rods. First we had to count out ten banana slices for our menorah. Then we counted out fifty four blueberries, wow, for the branches of our menorah. After that we used pieces of a tangerine for the flames on top of our menorah. Our favorite part of the menorah was eating it. It was so yummy!

This week we are learning about the letter “L”. We sounded out words that have the “L” sound such as: Lily, laugh, leaf, like, love, leap, lemon, lick, lion, lamb and lollipop.

Question of the week; ” What do you hope your mom and dad will get for  Hanukkah?”

Jeremy – I hope my mom gets a new pink dress and my dad gets a new black jacket for work.

Lauren – I hope my mom gets a bowling set and my dad gets a magical plate with cherries on it that floats.

Alyssa – I hope my mom gets a jump rope and my dad gets a Cookie Monster book.

Ellen – I hope my mom gets pink flowers and my dad gets pink lip stick.

Lily – I hope my mom gets a new cup for Ella and my dad gets a magical wand that gives wishes.

Jack – I hope my mom gets a new glass to drink water in and my dad gets a big red truck.

Our Junior Artists made beautiful stained glass menorahs out of tissue paper and glue. We can’t tell you too much about it, because we are planning on giving them to our moms and dads for Hanukkah.

We did Hanukkah Science with Ms. Heather on Tuesday, We talked about liquids and solids. We named liquids such as water, milk, orange juice and apple juice. Then we talked about how some liquids can change to a solid such as ice and how some solids can change to a liquid like a candle. Ms. Heather passed out frozen ice cubes that were blue ( for the candle) and yellow ( for the flame). She had us make a menorah out of the ice, in which we placed the yellow ice cubes on top of the blue ice cubes. Then we changed our solid ice cubes into a liquid by squirting water on top of the cubes. It was fun watching the ice cubes getting smaller and smaller. Soon our ice cubes were a puddle of water at our feet.


We had the best time at our Hanukkah party on Wednesday. We loved making Hanukkah cards, decorating our Hanukkah cookie house, making dreidels out of Hershey kisses and eating donuts. A big hug to our moms and dads for coming in to help us with our party. It was such a huge success!


In Science with Ms. Heather we talked about friction and how it slows objects down. She then set up a ramp and asked us if the toy car would go fast or slow. Most of us answered fast. She placed the car on the ramp, and it zoomed down towards the bottom of the ramp. Then Ms. Heather placed a towel on the ramp and asked us if the car would go fast or slow. We answered fast again. When she placed the car on the towel, it did not roll very fast down the ramp. Friction was the reason that the car did not go very fast. Then we took dreidels and tried spinning them on a table with a towel on it and then again without the towel. We had better luck with our dreidels on the table without the towel because there was no friction.


“L” is for lady bug and  we made the cutest ones using paper and glue. We hope they don’t fly away before we bring them home.

During Show-N-Tell, we talked about: Timon and Pumbaa stuffed animals from The Lion King, Simba stuffed animal from The Lion King, Wrestling figurines The Rock and Dean Ambrose, Hanukkah glasses, A lantern, and the book Llama Llama Wakey Wake and a lock.

A big hug to our Mystery Reader. Our class loved the book, Old Black Witch and the silly spells the witch would sing.

Our Ema and Abba did a wonderful job leading our class in prayers during Shabbat.