Parparim 1 12/4/17 – 12/8/17

In Jewish Studies we are practicing our dreidel songs, which we will be performing next week. All family members are invited. Come sing and dance with us as we get ready to celebrate Hanukkah.


We sounded out words that start with the letter “K” such as: kiss, kite, kitten, kippah, kosher, keys, kangaroo, kick, kids and king.

Our Junior Artists made the jumpiest kangaroos out of paper and glue. After we finished them, we jumped around the room just like kangaroos do.

Question of the week; What are you hoping to get for Hanukkah?

Jack – A remote control air plane.

Lauren – A toy monkey with a playground.

Lily – A hatchable animal.

Ellen – A baby doll that walks.

Belle – A big playground with a clock on it for my back yard.

Alyssa – Swim animals for the bath tub.

Jeremy – Red and white paper to cut and color on.

“Oh Hannukah, Oh Hannukah, lets light the Menorah. ” We made colorful menorahs out of paper plates, ribbon, glue and popsicle sticks. First we painted paper plates with blue paint. Then we painted popsicle sticks with red, orange, green, pink , blue and purple paint. After everything dried, we glued our popsicle sticks onto our paper plates. Then we holed punched each side and added a ribbon. We can’t wait for our moms and dads to see them. They are so beautiful.

Our Junior Chefs made fruit kebabs for snack on Wednesday. Here’s how we did it. We took blueberries, bananas, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries and put them onto wooden skewers. Some of us made a pattern, while others of us chose our favorite fruit. We had the best time eating our kebabs. They were delicious. Jeremy said that next time he wants to make chicken kebabs because they are his favorite!

Our class became architects when our teachers placed different sized blocks down on the carpet and asked us to build a menorah. We talked about what blocks to use and then with team work, we built our menorah. Didn’t we do a great job?

During Gardening with Ms. Heather, we made bread sticks. We took thyme, dill and oregano from our garden that Ms. Heather dried out and pulled off the leaves. Then we took scissors and cut the leaves into tiny pieces. Then we took a huge bowl and mixed flour, water, salt and yeast together.  Then we added our spices. After our batter was mixed, Ms. Heather kneaded the dough and had us count to forty. Then she gave us a piece of dough and had us roll it into a snake. Then we placed them on a cookie sheet and baked them for twenty minutes. At lunch, we tasted our hard work. It was delicious!

I’m sending the blog out early today because I am heading out to the Florida Keys for my niece’s wedding. Hope everyone has a great weekend.