Parparim 1 2/23/15 – 2/27/15

This week we are learning about the letter “T.”  The class sounded out words that started with the letter “T” such as; time, tap, turtle, tick, toe, two, tummy, talk, tongue, turkey, tiger, Torah and my favorite TEAMWORK!  This is a word we use on a daily basis when a friend helps out another friend whether it’s turning the sink on, helping a friend reach for something or helping to pick up toys. Our class even sings a teamwork song while they clean up. One child usually starts out singing the song when we tell them it’s time to clean up, and a few moments later the whole class is singing. Me included. Hopefully you have heard this song at home when your little one is surprising you by cleaning up their room. The song goes, ” What’s going to work? Teamwork. What’s going to work? Teamwork.” The children will sing this over and over until the room is clean. It’s a fun way to clean up.

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The weather has finally decided to cooperate with us and we were able to go outside and work in our garden. We planted garlic that we had started out in our classroom. The children were excited when we told them we would be planting carrots and corn very soon. The class went on a hunt for worms, but didn’t come across any.

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We are getting ready for Purim. We made groggers out of paper plates and folded them into the shape of hamentaschen. The children then added beans for sound and used markers to decorate them. The children said the groggers looked like beards. We also made masks and put them on popsicle sticks and had the class use pastels to color them. They enjoyed blending the colors together and laughed when they had pastels all over their hands. They even tried to scare each other with their colored fingers. They couldn’t stop laughing.

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Our class had fun being junior engineers by taking apart our broken boom box. They used the screwdrivers like pros and had fun squeezing the wires with pliers. We loved hearing what the class thought each piece was used for. Zachai took off a round red piece of plastic and put it on a toy gorilla’s leg. He said it was a cast for the gorilla’s broken leg. Very clever!

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Ms. Janet talked about sound vibrations and demonstrated how it works by using two empty cans and tying them together with string. She then had the class take turns talking into the can and listening to what their friend had to say. Most of the children said, ” I love you” to each other. It was so sweet! The tin cans reminded me of my childhood and the fun I used to have playing phone with my friend Paige.

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In Jewish Studies we read a book about Purim and then the children acted out the story. We also talked about the traditions of Purim, hamentaschen and the megillah, and why we use groggers. Boo Hamen!!

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We made hamentaschen in our classroom. The children had fun rubbing their hands in flour and then shaping their cookie into a triangle. The whole class picked out chocolate for their filling. Yum! The cookies were a hit.

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We talked about animal tracks and what they look like from different animals. We then had the class make their own fingerprint tracks with baby powder, brushes and black paper. Leah said it was cool making fingerprints and that her hands smelled sooo good!

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We laughed so much while we danced to the ” Tooty Ta” song. The class loves the  part when they have to stick their tongues out and put their bottoms up. They look so silly.

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REMINDER: Wear a Purim costume on Tuesday March 3rd when we visit Ms. Henny’s class and also on Thursday March 5th when we go on our field trip to River Garden. Don’t forget to send in fruit by Friday for our class to bring on our visit on Tuesday morning to Ms. Henny’s class. Thank you!

We are in need of baby wipes please. If you can send some in with your child their little faces would appreciate it.

Andi and Joseph did a wonderful job as our Ema and Abba. Next week our Ema will be Emma and our Abba will be Zachai.


** I will be out of town this Friday and next Monday and Tuesday. My family and I are going to Colorado on vacation. Snow here we come. See you next week.