Parparim 1 2/9/15 – 2/13/15

This week we are learning about the letter “R.”  The children sounded out words that started with the letter “R” such as run, robin, recycle, rain, red and rabbit.

In Jewish Studies we are learning about Purim. We sang songs and learned about Queen Esther, King Ahasurus, Hamen and Mordecai. The children really love signing the song, “Esther, won’t you marry me?”  We went into the main kitchen to watch the J.J.C. Sisterhood make hamantaschen. Yum! The cookies looked amazing and were definitely made from lots of love. Our class will be making our own hamantaschen in a few weeks. I can’t wait to take my first bite of these delicious cookies.

IMG_5072 IMG_5075 IMG_5071 IMG_5070 IMG_5073 IMG_5069 IMG_5076

In the spirit of Purim our class decorated our room with colorful beads, masks and stars. The children loved hanging the necklaces all over the classroom. In fact everyday they come in and rearrange the necklaces because they enjoy decorating so much. The room is so festive.

IMG_5059 IMG_5057 IMG_5063 IMG_5066 IMG_5062 IMG_5061

We looked at images of robots and then made our own robot using recycled items from our storage room. Our robot named Baymax, is made from boxes, water bottles and egg cartons. Everyone joined in the planning of how to create him as well as the painting and gluing of his body parts. The class has been walking around the classroom acting like they are robots and talking in robot voices. As you can see from all of the photos I took, they truly enjoyed this art project and Ms. Janet and I loved seeing their creativity and teamwork!

IMG_5077 IMG_5079 IMG_5081 IMG_5090 IMG_5107 IMG_5109 IMG_5106 IMG_5102 IMG_5094 IMG_5091 IMG_5089 IMG_5112 IMG_5095 IMG_5143 IMG_5098 IMG_5103 IMG_5086 IMG_5097 IMG_5087 IMG_5144 IMG_5142 IMG_5141 IMG_5146IMG_5157

We read a book about rainbows and how they are made and a book about rain. We made a giant letter “R” for each child and had them glue cotton balls for clouds and tear shaped paper to represent rain drops. We also did an art project for roads and let them draw white lines on a giant letter “R” to  represent the lines on a road and then used paint and a stamper to place a trucks all over the road.

IMG_5147 IMG_5148 IMG_5150 IMG_5154 IMG_5149 IMG_5156 IMG_5151 IMG_5155 IMG_5177 IMG_5182 IMG_5180 IMG_5173 IMG_5174 IMG_5183 IMG_5188 IMG_5184

Show-N-Tell was full of fun stories as each child took a turn telling about the toy they brought from home or one they enjoy playing with in the class. I am so proud of everyone for waiting patiently for their turn to share their toy  with the class and for using such descriptive words when they are talking about their toy. They are growing up to fast!

IMG_5158 IMG_5159 IMG_5161 IMG_5164 IMG_5162 IMG_5160 IMG_5163

Thank you to Joseph’s Me-Me for being our mystery reader this week. The class loved hearing the story ” Clark the Shark.”

Class Reminders: A.S.Q. forms are due. Please turn them in this week is possible.

Our class picture is scheduled for Thursday 2/19/15

Leah did a fantastic job as our Ema and Simon was a wonderful Abba. Next week our Ema is Madison and our Abba is Mayer.