Parparim 1 3/14/16 – 3/18/16

In Jewish Studies we sang songs about Purim and looked at a giant Megillah. We can’t wait to wear our costumes to school and eat hamentaschen. We learned that hamentaschen is in the shape of a triangle to resemble the hat that Hamen wore. Boo to Hamen!

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Our class is proud to present  Slurpee, Buttons, Pinky Pie and Flower who are the  four caterpillars living in our class room waiting to turn into butterflies. We are keeping a daily track on their progress.  The last time we checked them , they were making a web to help hold them in place. Who will turn into a butterfly first?


We had an exciting time when fire fighters came to our school to visit with us. We each put on fire hats so we would look like the fire fighters and walked outside to meet them. They let us sit in the passenger’s seat and walk through the back of the truck. Wow! Then they let us hold the long heavy hose and we watched one of the fire fighters putting on her uniform. She explained why she wears the mask and not to be afraid of it. Samara couldn’t believe how big the tires were and Nikki was fascinated by how high up the seats were. Here is what everyone had to say about the firefighter’s visit:

Elliott – I liked the hose.

Samara – I liked the flashing lights.

Zachary – I liked sitting in the front seat of the fire truck.

Joshua – I liked holding the long hose.

Nikki – I liked the firemen’s boots.

D.J. – I liked sitting in the front seat of the truck.

Elena – I liked holding the hose.

Milly – I liked the firemen’s mask.

Hannah – I liked sitting in the front seat of the truck.

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IMG_3465 IMG_3468 IMG_3469 IMG_3470 IMG_3473 IMG_3471 IMG_3472 IMG_3467 IMG_3466


We are going to be hatching chickens. We picked out an egg that will be our class chicken . We named it Rosie and we are going to check on its progress everyday to see when it will hatch and say peep peep to us. Rosie is living in an incubator along with several other eggs. The race is on to see who will hatch first.

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In P.E. with Ms. Alyse we went outside and played kick ball. It was so much fun chasing and kicking the ball. We all did a great job running the bases and taking turns catching the ball. Go team!

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IMG_3484 IMG_3488 IMG_3490 IMG_3489 IMG_3494 IMG_3493


Yeehaw! We had the best time on our field trip to Diamond “D” Ranch. The bus ride was so awesome. We were able to sit three friends in one seat, which made the trip full of giggles and smiles. We sang songs, crossed a big bridge and looked for horses in peoples back yards. When we arrived at the ranch we split up in groups and went to different activities. Our young buckaroos went on a nature walk where we met MaryAnne the goat ( no resemblance to me thank goodness) and threw food out to the humongous cat fish and koi fish. We then went on a tractor ride out to the pasture. Along the way we stopped to feed goats. Boy were they hungry!! Some of them tried sticking their tiny heads through the fence to reach the food in our hands, but luckily none of them got stuck. After that we went to feed the cows. This entailed long, slobbery tongues reaching into the side of the wagon  looking for food. Some of us ( including me), were a little nervous about throwing a piece of food into their mouths, but after watching everyone else do it, we decided to join in on the fun and boy were we glad we tried it. Our next activity was our favorite. The pony rides. Yay. We loved going round and round on the back of our beautiful horses. Everyone of us wore a huge smile on our face. The fun didn’t stop there. We then went over to the bounce house and the barrel roll ride. The parents were afraid to get on this ride, but not our class. We had many brave cowboys and cowgirls try this ride and they loved it. Lunch was next, which we enjoyed sitting outside in a covered pavilion. Our sandwiches never tasted so good. It was almost time to board the bus, but we had a few minutes to spare, so we walked over to meet Honey the miniature horse. She was so sweet and patient while we petted her. Joshua wanted to bring her back to school with us. The bus ride home was full of stories of what we saw and did at the ranch. Some of us even took a quick nap. We will never forget the best field trip we ever went on. Diamond “D” rocks!!!!!!

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A big birthday hug to Milly who is turning four on 3/20/16.

Class room reminders:

3/22/16 – P.J. Library with our friends at Etz Chaim school. We will be making Hamentaschen and reading stories together.

3/24/16 – Purim celebration. Wear a costume to school or borrow one from our class room. Our class will be going to River Garden to sing songs and pass out paper made Hamentaschen to our elderly friends.