Parparim 1 3/16/15 – 3/20/15

This week we are learning about the letter “W.”  Ms. Janet and I were surprised by how many words the children came up with that started with the letter “W” such as; water, whistle, weather, wind, wings, wet, web,wee , wow, weed,whale,wheel,worm and went.

In Jewish Studies we are getting ready for our Model Seder celebration scheduled for March 30th at 11:00 a.m. We have been learning about the ten plagues Hashem sent down on Pharaoh, the foods we eat on our Seder plate and festive songs the children have enjoyed singing, especially the song about frogs on Pharaoh’s  head.

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Ms. Janet explained to the class how a water cycle works after she read an informative book on water. She used a picture to demonstrate how water is evaporated from a river and is changed to a vapor as it goes up into the air. When the vapor cools it turns into condensation and then forms into clouds. When the water from clouds falls to the ground it is called precipitation. We then had the class color a sheet on the water cycle and make a water cycle spinning wheel.

In art we made beautiful flowers using coffee filters and magic markers. We then attached them to a giant tree located by our cubbies. The tree is so colorful and helps to remind us that spring is here. Yay!

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We talked about wax and how crayons and candles are made out of it. We had so many broken crayons that we thought it would be fun to melt them and make our own rainbow crayons. We put our old crayons in a pan of water to let them soak. After a few minutes the children peeled off the paper and put them in baggies. Using blocks, they broke the crayons into small pieces. We then put them in a muffin pan and baked them. Ta da! Instant school made crayons. Hopefully your child came home and showed you their masterpiece. They were all so happy by their creation. Madison said it was hard work!

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On our ball unit we measured how far each child could move a ball by blowing through a straw. It was great fun watching the children get down on their hands and knees and blowing with all of their might through the straws. Our class room small plastic basketball went a whopping 29 inches, while our small rubber ball only went 2 inches.

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We had a blast with our visit from Officer Nancy. She let the class play with her handcuffs, use her walkie -talkie and sit in the backseat of her police cruiser. The class loved telling Ms. Janet and I to put our hands up over the  walkie-talkie and when we sat behind the barred window in the back seat. The highlight was when Office Nancy let six brave souls go for a ride in her car with the lights and siren on. Emma was so cute when she asked if they were going to jail. Everyone had something to say about what they liked about Officer Nancy’s visit;

Simon – I liked sitting in the driver’s seat.

Mayer – I liked the walkie-talkie.

Emma – I liked riding in the car.

Madison – I liked seeing Ms. MaryAnne and Ms. Janet sitting in the back seat.

Joseph – I liked riding in the car.

Zach – I liked the handcuffs.

Lela – I liked the pretty flashing lights.

Noam – I liked riding in the car.

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In Discovery Studios we had a blast playing with bubbles. The class loved standing inside a giant bubble. See for yourself what a bubbly time we had.

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In science we made wax snowflakes by dripping hot wax from a candle into a pan of ice cold water. The class was amazed to see how quickly the liquid wax turned into a solid piece of wax. The children were asking Ms. Janet to do it again before she even finished. They really loved this experiment.

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