Parparim 1 3/21/16 – 3/25/16

In Jewish Studies we practiced our songs to get ready for our big Purim celebration on Thursday. Our favorite song to sing is still, “Esther, won’t you marry me?”

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Caterpillar update: All four of our caterpillars have turned into a chrysalis. In another nine to fourteen days, we should have butterflies in our class room. Our class is so excited in getting ready to see Buttons, Pinky Pie, Slurpee and Flower fly around in their butterfly cage and to see what colors will be on their wings.

We made graggers to use for our Purim celebration this week. We used water colors to paint a pretty picture and then we wrapped them around a recycled tissue can. We added small bells and beans and then covered it with orange cloth. They look and sound so beautiful and we can’t wait to shake them whenever someone mentions Hamen’s name.

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Question of the week: What did you like about Diamond “D” Ranch?”

Elena- Petting the tiny horse.

Samara – The bouncy house.

Nikki – The cows long tongues.

Elliott – Feeding the animals.

D.J. – The bouncy house.

Zachary – When I would go up high on the barrel ride.

Joshua – Riding on the tractor ride.

Hannah – Riding on the big school bus. I liked looking for horses.

We had so much fun walking in our costumes to visit our friends over at Etz Chaim. When we arrived at the school we each got to make our own hamentaschen. Some of us used strawberry jelly in the middle of our cookies and some of us used yummy Hershey kisses. After that we went outside to play on the playground. We loved riding the scooters and the rocking horses. We climbed up on the jungle gym and went down some fast slides. Story time came next and then we all walked back to our school so we could bake our yummy cookies. Today was the best day ever!

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It’s Purim time. Time to celebrate Queen Esther and King Ahasurus. Our class dressed up in costumes and joined the rest of our school for a celebration in our lunch room. We all enjoyed the puppet show and listening to the story told by Mrs. Davis. Then we got ready for our field trip to River Garden. Once we arrived at River Garden,  we walked around and passed out pretend hamentaschen to our elderly friends. They gave us hugs and smiles as we paraded around the different rooms singing Purim songs. Our tummies were happy when we got to eat hamentaschen. We loved celebrating Purim with our elderly friends and seeing their happy faces.

Pictures to come next week.


Elena and Joshua did a great  job as our Ema and Abba this week. Next week our Ema is Milly and our Abba is D.J.