Parparim 1 3/28/16 – 4/1/16

In Jewish Studies we talked about Passover and the Seder plate. We also sang song about Moses and matzo.


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During P.E. with Ms. Alyse we did lots of jumping jacks and stretches so our bodies would be ready to play. We took turns jumping over strips of tape and pretended that hot lava was on the ground. Luckily we all jumped far and did not get burned. We are such great jumpers!

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We have exciting butterfly news. Our butterfly Flower hatched on 3/29/16 and we all took turns holding her. She has beautiful orange wings. We all walked out to the garden and released her on top of a flower. We are hoping the last three butterflies will hatch this week.

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We made Elijah cups to use at our Seder table at home during Passover. We took plastic wine cups and covered them with glue. Next we  covered them with colorful pieces of tissue paper. They turned out beautifully and we can’t wait to use them on our Seder table.

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Our last three butterflies hatched on 3/30/16. First came Buttons, then Slurpee who we had the privilege of watching come out of his cocoon followed by Pinky Pie. We took our three new butterfly friends out into our garden and gently placed them on flowers. We looked for Flower the butterfly who hatched yesterday, but we couldn’t find her. Elliott said she must have already flown away to a different garden.

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We learned about Sir Isaac Newton who said that objects that rest, stay at rest and objects in motion, stay in motion. With that in mind, Ms. Janet did an amazing science experiment for our class. She placed two dishes filled with water on top of a piece of fabric. Then she explained to us that she was going to quickly pull the fabric from underneath the dishes of water, and that the dishes would stay on the table. Zachary was excited and said that he couldn’t wait for the magic show to start. Ms. MaryAnne was excited to see Ms. Janet get wet. Abracadabra . One..two..three! Ms. Janet pulled the fabric and the water dishes stayed on the table filled with the water. Amazing! Everyone clapped their hands and wanted to see the magic trick again. Way to go Ms. Janet!

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In Science with Ms. Amanda we read a book about the life cycle of a butterfly. We then carefully took turns touching a caterpillar and a chrysalis. We then read  a book about the life cycle of a chicken. The coolest part was when Ms. Amanda used a special flashlight to see into the chicken egg. She pointed out the chicken’s veins to us and we could see the chick moving. Our chicken which we named Rosie should be hatching next week. We can’t wait to meet her.

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Our Junior Chefs had so much fun making chocolate chip cookies with oatmeal. We added an egg and butter to the batter and then stirred and stirred. We laughed so hard and felt important wearing our chef hats. We loved using the small spatula to lift the cookies off of the tray. Boy were they delicious!

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In Gardening with Ms. Amanda we went out into the garden to see how our vegetables were doing. Our cabbage looks great and our carrots were ready to be picked. We took turns pulling the leafy, green tops of the carrots and being surprised on what the carrot looked like and how long it was.  We are planning on eating them for snack tomorrow. Yum. Yum.


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During Show-N-Tell we learned about: A Leap Frog computer, A purple Peep bunny, Buttons the cheetah, A Cat Boy mask, Kitten the cat, Ninja Turtle puzzle, Shiny shoes, Tiny dolls and a Rainbow cat.

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Milly and D.J. did a wonderful job as our Ema and Abba. Next week our Ema is Samara and our Abba is Elliott.


Our class won an ice cream party because our booth was the “best decorated” at the Purim carnival. We had vanilla and cookies n cream ice cream covered with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and rainbow sprinkles. It was the best ice cream party ever!

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