Parparim 1 4/20/15 – 4/24/15

In Science we grew beautiful purple crystals. The class enjoyed checking them every morning and were fascinated when the crystals started to sparkle. Madison said the crystals would make a beautiful necklace for her to wear. Too cute!

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In Jewish Studies we talked about Israel and things to see while visiting this beautiful country. We looked at pictures of the Western Wall where people can leave prayers in the cracks of the wall and the Dead Sea where you can float without using a raft. When we returned to our class room we made flags of Israel to wear on Yom Ha’ atzmaut.

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We had a bubbly good time blowing bubbles on the playground. The children enjoyed blowing bubbles on each other and even shared their bubbles with other classes. We will definitely have to do another bubble day since it was such a hit.

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Question of the week: ” What Disney character would you like to be?”

Andi – Rapunzel from the movie Tangled.

Emma – Anna from the movie Frozen.

Simon – Woody from Toy Story.

Lela – Mickey Mouse.

Mayer – Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.

Zachai – Buzz Light Year from Toy Story.

Aaron – Peter Pan.

Noam – Olaf from the movie Frozen.

Madison – Rapunzel from the movie Tangled.

Leah – Snow White.

Joseph – Minnie Mouse.

We had a wonderful time celebrating Israel’s birthday on Thursday. The children looked so patriotic wearing their blue and white clothes and wearing their flags of Israel we made earlier in the week. Before the festivities started our class made scrambled eggs. Yum! The children did a better of me cracking the eggs and mixing the eggs together. After our snack we all paraded down to our pretend airport where we caught a flight to Israel. I must say the entertainment on the flight was spectacular. We had a piano player and sang songs about Israel. We even enjoyed a puppet show. The flight on the meal was the best – CUPCAKES! Everyone had a wonderful time visiting Israel and we can’t wait to go back again.

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Our whole school gathered in the garden to have a butterfly releasing ceremony. We sang songs and said a prayer or two to wish our butterfly friends a good flight. The children all screamed in joy when the butterflies flew up over our school. It was such a beautiful sight. I’m happy to say we still have twenty caterpillars left in our butterfly tent, so it won’t be much longer before we can enjoy more butterflies in our garden. This whole experience  watching the butterflies change from a caterpillar, to a chrysalis and then a butterfly is spectacular. Your children have had the chance to actually see a butterfly coming out of it’s cocoon and then watching the butterfly flap their wet wings. It’s better than a nature movie because we are seeing it first hand. A big thank you to Ms. Amanda for making our butterfly encounter one we will always remember.

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Calling all cowboys and cowgirls. We are going to Diamond “D” Ranch next Thursday. which is April 30th. Our class will be boarding a school bus at 9:00 a.m. so don’t be late and return around 1:45. We are asking for all parents to please put sunscreen and bug spray on your child before dropping them off at school. They will also need a bagged lunch and water for our picnic lunch. Everyone should wear a red shirt, long pants and closed toed shoes. Please note that space is limited on the bus so some parents may need to carpool together.

Thank you to Joseph’s mom for being our mystery reader this week. The class enjoyed the book on spilled milk.

Mayer and Emma did a wonderful job as our Abba and Ema this week. Next week our Ema is Leah and our Abba is Simon.