Parparim 1 5/11/15 – 5/15/15

In Jewish Studies we talked about Shavuot and went over the Ten Commandments. The children learned about what each commandment means and the importance of following them. We also talked about the first fruits of harvest.


In our clothing unit Ms. Janet showed the children how some people make their own clothes by using a pattern. She opened the pattern envelope and explained to the class what you would need if you were going to make your own shirt. She then laid the pieces of the pattern out on the floor so the children could see each section of the shirt. The children were so fascinated by this that Ms. Janet and I got a laugh out of their excitement. We then had the class get out magnifying glasses so they could look at fabric and string up close so to they could see their fabric’s fibers.

IMG_7422 IMG_7425 IMG_7424

IMG_7497 IMG_7498 IMG_7500 IMG_7501 IMG_7502 IMG_7503 IMG_7504 IMG_7509 IMG_7511

We went out into our garden and picked some fennel for us to make for snack time. We sliced the bottom stalks of the fennel and drizzled it with olive oil. We then added  salt, pepper and cheese and baked the fennel for twenty minutes. It was a first time fennel experience for Ms. Janet and I and we both liked it. Paula Deen watch out! We had a few brave students willing to try it and they liked it too.

IMG_7396 IMG_7397 IMG_7398 IMG_7399 IMG_7400 IMG_7401 IMG_7402 IMG_7403 IMG_7405 IMG_7409 IMG_7410 IMG_7417 IMG_7414 IMG_7418 IMG_7420 IMG_7419

In Discovery Studios Ms. Amanda talked to our class about the human body. She passed out pieces of a human skeleton and then had the class piece the bones back together again. She then had each student make a replica of a human stomach by using a ziploc bag, ginger ale and saltines. She had the class place the crackers into the ziploc bag and asked them how could our stomachs break down the cracker. She then explained how our teeth help to break down food and the ginger ale, which she said is like the acid in out stomach breaks down food even further. After this Ms. Amanda passed out straws and plastic gloves so the class could make a human hand with the straws representing the bones in our hands. The class had so much fun learning about their bodies.

IMG_7451 IMG_7449 IMG_7450 IMG_7452 IMG_7453 IMG_7455 IMG_7454 IMG_7456 IMG_7457 IMG_7458 IMG_7460 IMG_7466 IMG_7467 IMG_7469 IMG_7470 IMG_7472 IMG_7473 IMG_7474 IMG_7475 IMG_7476 IMG_7478 IMG_7479 IMG_7481 IMG_7485 IMG_7486 IMG_7487 IMG_7489 IMG_7490 IMG_7491 IMG_7493 IMG_7494 IMG_7495 IMG_7496

Question of the week: ” Who are you going to marry and how old will you be?”

Simon – My mommy when I’m 24.

Madison – Aaron when I’m 19.

Mayer – Big bird when I’m 20.

Aaron – Nobody.

Joseph – Emma when I’m 30.

Andi – Stevie when I’m 5.

Zachai – My sister Rachel when I’m 16.

Emma – Joseph when I’m 10.

Noam – My two brothers when I’m 6.

Leah – Zachai when I’m 16.

Lela – A dragon when I’m 4.

Owyn – Mommy when I’m 24.

We did a science experiment in which we cut a glass wine bottle using string, acetone, a lit candle and ice water. Ms. Janet soaked a piece of string in acetone for a few minutes. She then wrapped the string around the empty wine bottle and lit the string on fire. A few moments later she plunged the wine bottle into the ice water. When she lifted the wine bottle out of the ice water it was magically in two pieces. I’m sure you can guess our class wanted to do the experiment again, but we only had one wine bottle so we told them we would have to do it another day.

IMG_7426 IMG_7427 IMG_7428 IMG_7429 IMG_7430 IMG_7431 IMG_7433 IMG_7437 IMG_7436 IMG_7435 IMG_7434

We practiced drawing our shapes today and everyone did very well. The class drew out the shape when Ms. Janet called the shape out to them. If they weren’t sure of the shape she drew them on the chalk board so the class could practice drawing them. We were so impressed on how smart our class is and what great artists they are.

IMG_7438 IMG_7440 IMG_7441 IMG_7443 IMG_7445 IMG_7448 IMG_7447 IMG_7446 IMG_7439

Important dates:

5/22/15 – Bikkurim Festival. Dress your child in white and send in canned fruit.

5/25/15 – No school in honor of Memorial Day.

Our Ema for next Friday is Owyn and our Abba is Zachai.