Parparim 1 5/23/16 – 5/27/16

In Jewish Studies we talked about Lag B’ Omer Day and how Rabbi Akiva told the Jewish people to pray secretly in caves so the soldiers would not know about it. Some Jewish people would have a picnic to fool the soldiers, while Rabbi Akiva taught the Torah up in the caves. The Jewish people were too smart for the soldiers. Good team work!


We decorated visors with dinosaur and princess stickers. We are going to wear them on our Lag B’ Omer celebration on Wednesday during Jewish studies.

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Up, up and away. We have started our unit on space and rockets. We looked at pictures of all the planets and learned that our planet Earth is blue because of all the oceans and that the planet Saturn has rings surrounding it. We loved listening to the sounds of a rocket taking off to the moon. Boy was it loud!

We were all up on our toes on Tuesday with Ms. Victoria from Mark Spivaks Ballet. We learned how to point our toes and to do a plie ( to bend our knees while keeping our heels together. ) We walked around on our tippy toes and marched like soldiers. Thank you Ms. Victoria for introducing us the the beautiful dance of ballet.

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Our Junior Chefs mixed up a yummy batch of blueberry muffins which we quickly devoured when they came out of the oven. Zachary loved pulling his muffin apart and seeing all the blueberries inside of it. Joshua said that the oven made the blueberries get all mushy inside his muffin. Yum. Yum.


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Question of the week: If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why?

Samara – Captain America because he has a shield.

Nikki – Super Girl because she is beautiful.

D.J. – Shark Superhero because he gets to eat the bad guys.

Milly – Superman because I want to help save people.

Elliott – Batman because he gets to wear a cool costume.

Hannah – Superman because he can fly.

Zachary – Spiderman because he gets to shoot webs.

Joshua – Green Lantern because green is my favorite color.

Elena – Spiderman because he gets to make webs.

We had a blast during our Lag B’ Omer celebration. We wore our fun visors and took turns doing relay races. After we ran around, we all cooled down eating popsicles while we rested our bones at the picnic tables.

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We did a cool Science experiment using diet coke and Mentos mints. We all went outside and sat in a big circle to watch a bubbly geyser appear before our eyes. Ms. Janet opened a bottle of diet coke and dropped in four Mentos. Suddenly coke started erupting out of the bottle spilling everywhere. Ms. Janet then took six Mentos out and dropped them into a different bottle of coke. This created an even bigger eruption. She then got brave and dropped in eight Mentos into a new bottle. We all screamed in delight as we watched the biggest eruption so far. D.J. said it was the coolest experiment ever!

IMG_5041 IMG_5042 IMG_5043 IMG_5040 IMG_5045


During Show-N-Tell we talked about: A baby raccoon, A colorful owl, A baby cheetah, Brain Teaser questions, A tiny black cat and a princess backpack.

Samara and Elliott did a wonderful job as our last Ema and Abba of the school year.