Parparim 1 News

This past week although short was very busy. We finished with the letter “B”. The projects for B were balls in the basket; bones in our bodies; blowing bubbles; bead stringing and we cooked bear cakes.

This week and into next week will center on the letter “C”.  “C” for clouds, counting, color mixing to mention a few.

The class has worked hard on their creation books. I am amazed in the interest this class has in art projects.  They are creative and focused.

At home ask your child if they can give you any information on creation. Also, ask them as our science project demonstrated, can water absorb heat? For your information a balloon filled with H20 will not pop when help over a flame for a short time.

What a fun week!

L’Shanah Tova!

Don’t forget Tuesday, September 25th is a noon dismissal day in observance of Erev Yom Kippur and we are closed on Wednesday, September 26th for Yom Kippur.  You are invited to join a special Yom Kippur Preschool Service led by Ms. Shereen and Coach Rebecca!