Welcome To Our Parparim 1 Classroom Blog!

Welcome to our new DuBow Preschool classroom blog site. This site will replace the weekly classroom newsletters which have been emailed to you in previous weeks.  This is your teacher’s primary means of communicating with you each week.  Please make sure to check your child’s class site every Thursday to stay informed of all classroom news.  Below you will find a list of the classroom email addresses.  Each teacher will check their email daily and do their best to get back to you within 24 hours. Please remember while in class your child’s teacher’s first priority is to their students. We ask that if you have any important, time sensitive information, for example a change of pickup for that day, please contact the school office by phone at 904-268-4200, ext. 143 or  by email at dubowpreschool@dubowpreschool.org.  Dina will get the message to the teacher promptly.
DuBow Preschool Classroom Emails:

Doobonim – Ms. Taylor and Ms. Melissa – doobonim@dubowpreschool.org

Kofim – Ms. Cheryl and Ms. Alex – kofim@dubowpreschool.org

Parparim1 – Ms. Janet and Ms. Esther – parparim1@dubowpreschool.org

Parparim2 – Ms. Kimberly – parparim2@dubowpreschool.org

Tzeeporim1 – Ms. Debby and Ms. Robin – tzeeporim1@dubowpreschool.org

Tzeeporim2 – Ms. Is. And Ms. Hanna – tzeeporim2@dubowpreschool.org

We are excited to be unveiling these new sites to you and as the year moves on these sites will become a place where we will be able to share photos, videos and even more details about your child’s day at the DuBow Preschool.    We invite you to subscribe to our page so you will be notified when new things are added to our site. You can do so by entering your email in the subscribe box on this page. This way you will receive notification when our site is updated.
On behalf of the faculty and staff of the DuBow Preschool, we wish all of our families L’Shana Tova U Metukah!
A sweet, happy and healthy new year to you!
Shereen Canady